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    A little help from our friends

    SSG Partners rock!

SSG Partners

There have been some great partnerships over the years, that’s for sure.

Morecambe & Wise, Rush & Dalglish, Ant & Dec, Bread & Butter – but what about all of the other fabulous partnerships formed by SSG with top notch recruitment suppliers, all eager to add to the all you can eat buffet which SSG like to call Our offering?

An SSG start up Recruitment venture needs to be able to compete from Day 1 with all of the Corporate Big Boys & the established high street independents. We need to ensure that our guys can laugh in the face of candidate shortages, scoff at the lack of real time vacancies & giggle at inadequate recruitment software! As for the tax man – hah, you don’t scare us!

To make sure that the SSG offering is everything that you need, SSG has been working hard since 2003 to establish trusted, long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with all of the key players in the Recruitment world – from Job Boards to Banks from Trainers to Accountants to Solicitors.

Through these carefully managed partnerships, SSG has created a single organised support delivery mechanism specifically tailored to your new business. You choose which services you need. You decide what is right for you and what isn’t & once we truly understand your requirement, SSG presents to you our Working Agreement.

So, after all of these years it is a fair bet that we already have at our disposal all of the tools, talent & facilities that you will ever need & the really great news is that for you, it is all part of the SSG offering – all part of the deal.

Something for everyone

Something for everyone


Specifically for you

Specifically for you


Going Off Piste!

Going Off Piste!


Some One Word FAQs

SmorgasbordSmorgasbord Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Before SSG presents to you a copy of our Working Agreement you will have met us, talked with us and got to understand the full range of tools & services available to you. Equally, SSG will now completely understand what it is that you need to give you the very best chance of being successful in your new business.

Once we know what you need from our smorgasbord of available stuff, we will then calculate for you what our Service Charge needs to be (i.e. what the percentage of billings is that we need to charge in Year 1 and so on). In other words, we would only need to charge the headline 30% if you literally needed everything that we offer - & no business has come close to that in the last 5, 6 or 7 years!

The partnerships enjoyed by SSG with external suppliers simply allows us to wrap everything up and present our offering to you – there is no need for you to think about having to pay our suppliers… that’s what we do!

RestrictionsRestrictions Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

So, we define and allocate our service offering to you. We plonk the details into the Working Agreement. You start running your own business.

Importantly, you will have spent considerable time and thought working with SSG in making sure that the services and tools we provide are sufficient for you – how many job postings do you need? What level of CV Searching would you like to do? How many temps might you run, what level of investment might you need etc…

But, even with the best intentions it is unlikely that any of us really understands what you might need in 18 months or 3 years or whenever. So, we need to be careful to allow some wiggle room even as we define what the limits of usage are. That’s where SSG has another chance to excel, to prove to you our mantra of ‘once we are in it, we are in it’ – we are flexible, nice and friendly, but also practical – if we don’t grow our offering with your business, then maybe your business won’t grow and we know that SSG only excels when our Clients do.

DefinitionsDefinitions Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

So, where do we define what SSG is going to offer your new business?

Well, the most obvious answer is that we do so in the pages of our Working Agreement. Remember, by the time that we actually present that agreement to you, we will have met and spent considerable time and effort in understanding you & what you want to achieve. SSG will then have calculated what you need both directly from us but also what we need to offer you via our partners (e.g. job boards or recruitment software or banking facilities etc).

It is then our job to make the definitions of what is included in our offering crystal clear for you. After all, we are only going to do this once, so we may as well all take our time and get it 100% right, first time. But, please don’t think that whatever we say we are going to provide is the limit of what we offer – we always over deliver, we will always go the extra mile – ‘once we are in it, we are in it’.

Off PisteOff Piste Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Since 2003, we have launched over 200 recruitment business across 29 different recruitment markets. We support temp’ and perm’ businesses throughout the UK, supporting different types of recruiters, different types of businesses in strange and convoluted ways!

Having said that, there is always something new, something unusual popping up somewhere! Maybe you will be the Recruiter who presents to SSG a new challenge? You might be the guy that needs something that we don’t already offer? Well, if that happens, we are confident enough and happy to off piste and sort it out if you are right Recruiter for us!

We already run a very successful additional SSG Model around such situations (the SSG Equity Investment model) and this has proved to be both popular & successful in solving some of those go off piste requirements – whether they be about facilities or salary support or anything else. So, don’t lose heart if what you need is unusual or strange or just plain quirky – we are probably very happy to look at it!

ChangeChange Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Everything changes – nothing stays the same, they say & they are usually right!

What is 100% right for your business on Day 1 may be totally useless by Day 1000. We have seen so many businesses grow & adapt to new circumstances, new markets or new employees, new offices, new opportunities. SSG needs to be as nimble and flexible as your business needs to be. This flexibility needs to in-built to what we do and what our partners can offer. It just has to be!

The every best way that we can reassure you that SSG will reflect your development is to reiterate once again that SSG’s success reflects nothing but your development. The only reason that SSG has been so successful, so profitable, so lucky is that we run alongside the development of our Clients. What you need, we need. What you want to achieve, we want you to achieve. Our only requirement is communication – we can only match your development through understanding what it is that you are doing, what you need and when you need it. So, get ready to chat!