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Technical Support from SSG

Has your phone stopped working, are your emails not getting delivered? Do you need some advice about which CRM to use or how to safeguard your digital data? There's very little our technical team haven't already faced, and the're always on hand to help if you get stuck!


Whatever your problem, our technical team will have a fix for your crisis

  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Communications

Office Setup

Get all of your digital ducks in a row with guidance and setup from the technical team

  • Infrastructure
  • Remote Support
  • Hardware Setup


Which CRM should you use? Should you have a dedicated landline? Let's talk it through.

  • CRM guidance
  • Call forwarding
  • Software packages

Anything Else?

We help and support our clients in broad and all-encompassing ways. Just try us!

  • "Turn-it-off-and-on-again"
  • Pastoral care
  • ...anything you can imagine!

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