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Our First XI is really your team, part of your business.

We are at your disposal and focussed on helping you to achieve your goals. It is that simple.

Through SSG, you have a team of experts so experienced, so proficient & so down to earth that it is very likely that your start-up business will receive a level of support & mentoring way beyond that enjoyed by major, established national Recruitment organisations. We are that confident.

The only thing stopping SSG from screaming this fact from every roof top in the land is our ingrained modesty – we don’t like to show off!

Not only have your First XI ‘been there, seen it, solved it’ but we keep on being there, keep on seeing it, keep on solving it! We sit in the middle of a swirling positive circle of information, advice & anecdotes generated by literally hundreds of Recruiters – all doing exactly the same thing as you – trying to run a start up recruitment business.

Imagine the power of that experience, that knowledge, that expertise. It doesn’t matter if you need advice, practical support, representation, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to share with or just a free cuppa, SSG is here, is available and is certainly hugely experienced.

We like to distil our role into three key areas – expert advice, the provision of a safety net and a moral responsibility to ‘do the right thing’.

Department Focus

From the second you decide to launch your new business with SSG, you'll be taken care of by the Launch & Support team. Guiding you through the launch process, and being your first port of call from then on, our Launch & Support team are always there for you.

Over the last 15 years, SSG has invested in countless startups, whether they be lifestyle businesses or recruitment agencies set on world domination. Whatever your flavour of startup, whatever your sector, our investment team would love to talk to you!

Getting payroll right is essential when running Temps. SSG has over 15 years experience in providing back-office support for recruitment businesses across 29 sectors, so whatever your requirements, we'll have a solution for you.

The SSG Accounts department's responsibility is to help our clients manage their money. When it comes to invoicing, cash flow and end-of-year accounts, SSG has everything your business needs covered.

Has your phone stopped working, are your emails not getting delivered? Do you need some advice about which CRM to use or how to safeguard your digital data? There's very little our technical team haven't already faced, and the're always on hand to help if you get stuck!


Any aspect of a business launch (Legal & Compliance, Branding & Marketing, the provision of tools & Accounting set up). Any aspect of day to day support – recruitment related, back office focussed or business building. Forgive the apparent brashness, but SSG are without reasonable doubt, the most experienced and the most giving organisation in the UK. Why not put us to the test?

Safety Net

The very moment that you decide to become one of ‘our guys’ and allow us to launch a business for you, SSG becomes your business safety net. Just imagine how many times we have seen dangerous scenarios developing or mistakes waiting to be made. Just imagine SSG watching, helping, warning and guiding your start up business away from those same scenarios. We are your eyes, your ears and your compass - even if you don’t want to hear the message, SSG will deliver it.


We take a huge moral responsibility for doing the right thing for ‘our guys’. In our world, we believe that we have the experience, the financial clout, the expertise if we decide to work together to launch a business, then SSG had better be there to help you every step of the way. This is not a contractual thing for us, it is a moral obligation which we take very seriously. Whatever happens, we will be upfront, honest and caring. We think that is the least we can do. As we keep saying, ‘once we are in it, we are in it’.

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