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  • Our First Eleven

    Let our First XI be your First XI

    Our expertise alongside your talent

Our First XI

Our First XI is really your team, part of your business.

We are at your disposal and focussed on helping you to achieve your goals. It is that simple.

Through SSG, you have a team of experts so experienced, so proficient & so down to earth that it is very likely that your start-up business will receive a level of support & mentoring way beyond that enjoyed by major, established national Recruitment organisations. We are that confident.

The only thing stopping SSG from screaming this fact from every roof top in the land is our ingrained modesty – we don’t like to show off!

Not only have your First XI ‘been there, seen it, solved it’ but we keep on being there, keep on seeing it, keep on solving it! We sit in the middle of a swirling positive circle of information, advice & anecdotes generated by literally hundreds of Recruiters – all doing exactly the same thing as you – trying to run a start up recruitment business.

Imagine the power of that experience, that knowledge, that expertise. It doesn’t matter if you need advice, practical support, representation, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to share with or just a free cuppa, SSG is here, is available and is certainly hugely experienced.

We like to distil our role into three key areas – expert advice, the provision of a safety net and a moral responsibility to ‘do the right thing’.

Experts R us



Safety Nets r us



Morals r us



How To Reach Us All

David JonesDavid Jones Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 944

I am very happy to chat 7 days a week from 7am through to 9pm. Please leave a message if I can’t take your call. I really will call you back. It’s how we make our money after all!

Laura MouldLaura Mould Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 956

Anytime is good for me although if you try me before around 9am I will probably be gasping for oxygen after my early morning gym sessions. I must be mad!

Ash BennettAshleigh Bennett Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 960

Even though I'm often out and about meeting and talking to Recruiters, I'll always make time to give you a call back to see if SSG can be of help.

Darren HulbertDarren Hulbert Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 961

I am always at my desk – lunch is for wimps and I am too much of a wimp to join the early morning gym bunnies – so just give me a call.

Stacey DoranStacey Doran Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 962

As a local girl, SSG is virtually on my doorstep so it's only a hop skip and a jump to my desk. So feel free to give me a call as I'll be here come rain or shine.

Chris IonChris Ion Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 941

No point in trying me before 8.30 a.m. as not only am I the family school-run chauffeur but my first office duty is to make the coffee for my lazy colleagues! After that, I am all yours.

Clare ArmstrongClare Armstrong Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 957

If there is no live football on Sky, then I am available. If Liverpool, MK Dons or Man City are playing then please leave a message. Other than that.... it’s all good!

Gill MilesGill Miles Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 965

As I am chained to my desk all day long (is that still legal?!), I am happy to chat at anytime. Let me get my early morning coffee and I am all yours from 9am!

Vikki WilmoreVikki Willmore Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 943

Always here and always happy to talk. As long as Gill or Sophie brings me a tea, then it’s all systems go. If you can’t immediately reach me, blame them (I’ll make my own!).

Max JonesMax Jones Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 946

I am more than happy to talk 7 days a week, 7am to 9pm & if for whatever reason I can’t talk, please leave a message and I will get back to you. After all it’s what I love to do & having the opportunity to speak to any recruiters looking to make the leap is something I really enjoy.

Lenka RacLenka Rac Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 949

Having just come back after maternity leave, I'll be in the office for three days each week working though all our clients payroll.

Claudia SimonClaudia Simon Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 952

Apart from a few crazy hours on Payroll mornings when I become a crazy resident of Crazy Town, you can reach me 9 times out of 10. The 10th time is when I grab my lunch!

Christian BannisterChristian Bannister Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 953

Since selling my motorbike recently, the chances of me being alive & well and able to take your calls has improved immeasurably! So, if you need me just pick up the phone.

Rob MachinRob Machin Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 955

Whether I'm in my Audi A4 or on my trusted bicycle, you'll always find me at my desk before the rest of the team. Please forgive me if I'm out of breath though!

Lloyd HarrisLloyd Harris Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 961

As a local boy, I'm just around the corner from SSG so you'll always find me at my desk and ready to help.

Michelle LittleMichelle Little Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 963

Having just halved my commute to work, you'll now find me bright and early and at my desk with boundless energy, ready to take your call.

Suzanne HallSuzanne Hall Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 949

Find me busy beavering away from 8.30am – the only time you can’t get hold of me will be on the rare occasion I’ve been released from my desk. :)

Lawrence O'SheaLawrence O'Shea Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 954

Since extracting myself from the world of nappy changes and bottles, I am in the office bright and early. As a Digital Marketing Executive, contact me by any digital medium (or just, y’know, pick up the phone!)

George SimmondsGeorge Simmonds Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 943

As the newest member of the Accounts Team, I’m filled with boundless enthusiasm for my day. Find me busy beavering away from 9am – the only time you can’t get hold of me will be on the rare occasion I’ve been released from my desk, when I’m off exploring the world and one of the team will help you in my absence.

Krissy KingKrissy King Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 958

I’m at my desk, all yours and happy to chat with you from 8:30am onwards. No early morning gym for me, just a decaf coffee and I’m good to go.

Nicole FalconeNicole Falcone Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 950

In my first full time role and studying hard for my Business and Administration NVQ, I am a busy bee. But never too busy to take your call, so feel free to pick up the phone anytime from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Jordan KennerelyJordan Kennerley Email | LinkedIn | 01442 200 951

A firm believer in the saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’, I’m ready and raring to go at the break of dawn (well, around 8.30am really). Pick up the phone and I’ll be all sunshine any time of the day.

Ashleigh: Have you given it due thought? Part of my job is to make sure Recruiters have thought long and hard about if lauching their own business is something that is right for them, and it's the right time. The benefits and rewards of launching your own business are immense, but you need to ask yourself if you're ready and willing to put in the long hours to make it work.

Claudia: Try not to worry – I know that sounds bland and pretty obvious but anxiety is usually just about a lack of information or understanding. If you think about it, it is unlikely that SSG will not have already faced any problem which confronts you as a Recruiter trying to start a business. After all, we have been doing this for a long time and fortunately there are only so many problems that crop up! The minute that you start to worry, pick up the ‘phone. We will probably sort it out for you then & there but imagine that we did not know the answer – the chances are that we would then spend considerable effort finding a solution, not just or you but for all of ‘our guys’.

Lenka: Don’t be nervous. You will be amazed how much support is available to you as you battle to understand the accounting side of your new business. SSG really are experts in all aspects of accounting & payroll & tax. You don’t need to be! You need to get involved with us, be sure to respond to requests for information & that’s about all you need to do in the early years. The whole point of working with expert partners is that they can take the pressure away from you, no? So, let SSG do exactly that for you. It all starts with chatting to us even when you don’t think you need to!

Lloyd: Chill! We get it; you are probably used to your previous Accounts team dealing with any account issue you may had but now it all feels a little daunting. That’s where we come in! We have a vast amount of skill and expertise, so even though you’re now more hands on with multiple areas to oversee, I am here to hold your hand with all aspects of your accounts.

Stacey: Use me! With my wealth of knowledge gained during my career I am invaluable to our network of recruitment ventures. I am responsible for producing Monthly Management Accounts for a number of ventures, as well as overseeing the production of MMAs for all clients, and imparting my knowledge to the team here.

Michelle: Talk to us! Daft though it sounds, we are a team of experts, so ask if you don’t know the answer to a specific question; ask us if you don’t know how to calculate a certain figure; ask if you don’t understand your MMA.  We are here to help, and we’re always more than happy to sit down and explain until you understand.  That, and take advantage of the MMA reviews we offer – they really useful and will help you know your business inside out.

Suzanne: Focus on what you’re good at! You’re a fantastic recruiter, and you know you’re great at making money, so let that be your primary concern and we will worry about the back office, accounts, technical, creative and business support areas.  Think of us as your Head Office, to be called upon for anything you need, and a team to help you grow and develop your business in the way you want.  If it’s a flyer you need designing, if it’s an invoice you need raising, if it’s advice you need on terms of business, we’re here to help!

Vikki: Try and have maybe 2 to 3 months of take home money available to you before you start your own business. In those early days (the ‘baked bean’ period as we call it), it is awful to have huge worries about paying the bills. It is so much better to wait until you set aside that few months of security. But if you can’t wait and have a bigger plan, why not look at asking SSG to provide Salary Support for you as part of our package (usually on the Equity Investment side). You may be surprised what is available if you just ask!

Gill: Try to focus on the easy maths of it all. Think about what your average take home salary is now. Then add around 25% to that ‘take home’ number. This gives you the actual invoice value which you would need to average to reach the same level of real earnings. For example, if you ‘take home’ an average of £2,000 per month now, add another 25% to that figure (giving you £2,500 a month). The reality is if your new business invoices £2,500 per month, you will take home the same money already! It is simple, it is real and it shows you that running your own business does not need to be about big numbers. Get to that first plateau and then think about making your millions!

Clare: Talk to me early on in the process. Let me help with the planning of how to approach anything legal – just chat it over with me. I can help. If you are worried about your ex-employer chasing you or giving you a hard time, then the chances are that you and I need to organise our strategy to cope with that. Please discuss what it is that concerns you – maybe it is your Restrictive Covenant, Terms Of Business, Contract Disputers, Problems with other Agencies, PSl or Tender Documents or MSP Agreements? Truth is, what might worry you for weeks may be something that I could resolve for you in an afternoon. We are here to help. We know our ‘onions’, as they say. We are SSG!

Chris: Enjoy it! How much fun is watching your branding come together? Write the web site copy, express yourself – make it all about you. SSG is there to make sure that everything gets done but for you guys not to enjoy the journey would be a great shame. We can help you, guide you and point you in the right direction, but you really ought to let yourself go a little crazy at times. Be inventive! Be you!

Darren: Keep it simple. Understand what is going on of course but trust SSG to take the strain and always use our expertise to set things up for you properly. If you try to get to grips with the core detail of the VAT Man or the Tax Man or payroll or Management Accounts on Day 1, you will probably be taking away your focus from what really matters in the early days – which is making a placement. There is plenty of time to learn more about the accounting side of things as your business grows. In the interim, let us do it!

Laura: Enjoy the process! It is exciting, challenging & sometimes relentless but what a wonderful experience. You get to see your ideas grow & develop and your business branding come together. This should be a time which is all about you, all about how you want to be perceived. Go with the flow, engage, communicate and explore. Not to throw yourself into the process 100% is not just bad for your business but bad for your soul! Have fun.

David: Don’t start a business unless you really want to – I don’t mean that you think it is a good idea or that it would be better than working for someone else. It must be something that you feel you just have to do. Nothing wrong with exploring what is on offer with SSG of course but please make sure that it really is the right time for you, your family and your career. I know it sounds obvious but after all these years, I still think it is great advice! You will only start a new business once, so let’s make sure it is what you really want.

Christian: Challenge us, challenge me! We want to grow as a Company and the best way to do that is to take on new challenges and present new solutions. Ask us, challenge us and tempt us into innovation! As we often say, ‘it is reasonable for a single Client to ask us something unreasonable’ because in meeting an unreasonable expectation, SSG expands its offering. Go on, it’s fun!

Rob: Don't panic! We all experience technical problems at some point; our emails may stop sending, our computers get a virus, or heavens forbid, we spill a cup of tea over our laptop. But that's where I come to the rescue. Just pick up the phone and run through what happened and I'll work throught the problem with you.

Max: Rapport, rapport, rapport! When I have the pleasure of talking to budding recruiters about starting their own businesses with the help of SSG I often say the best relationships are built on three things. Can SSG provide the tools and services you require? Does SSG know the sector you’re in? & finally (and most importantly) are we going to get on? Those personal relationships are key.

Lawrence: Plan, plan, plan! As we would say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Do your research, know your market, understand your target audience. But don’t use that as an excuse to procrastinate – once you’ve nailed that plan, put it into action. Go on, what’s stopping you?

George: Focus on what you’re good at! You’re a fantastic recruiter, and you know you’re great at making money, so let that be your primary concern and we will worry about the back office, accounts, technical, creative and business support areas. Think of us as your Head Office, to be called upon for anything you need, and a team to help you grow and develop your business in the way you want. If it’s a flyer you need designing, if it’s an invoice you need raising, if it’s advice you need on terms of business, we’re here to help, support and guide you along the way.

Krissy: Utilise all of the expertise available to you at SSG. Make the most of our cumulative decades of experience. Deal with issues as they arise, don’t put them off. And whilst pouring all of your energies into making your business succeed, don’t forget to look up occasionally, sit back and enjoy what you’ve achieved.

Nicole: Use every single tool available to make your business a success! We’ve launched and supported hundreds of businesses and still know one thing to be true – those who ask for more, communicate more, and use us more, always do better. Whether that’s weekly Innovantage reports; monthly business reviews; job board access or simply just picking up the phone and chatting to one of team, take advantage of everything SSG have to offer and you will build a more successful business.

Jordan: Don’t be scared to ask questions! There really is no such thing as a daft question, believe us, we’ve heard most of them hundreds of times before. We understand you’re not an expert Accountant, or Graphic Designer, or Website Designer, but you are an expert recruiter. Focus on what you know and love, and let us worry about everything else. After all, you have a team of experts here at your disposal so why not take advantage of them!