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Connect Magazine

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity - so back in 2011 we thought ‘what the heck’ and gave publishing a try!

But, not being quite as daft as we look, our fiendish idea was to launch a magazine and sneak inside each issue a few articles about good old SSG extolling our virtues & generally making ourselves sound intelligent & generous and all round good guys. We figured that our reckless self publicity would get softened up by all the good news and great stories regarding our Clients. You know the type of thing – subliminal advertising and all that!

However, the truth is that since we started this great publishing escapade, connect has developed into a great communication tool – swirling news, ideas & information around our merry group without the need for long winded emails or witty memos. We now have a pretty neat mixture of regular subject articles, Client-led news and industry must-know papers. Throw in a few Recruitment jokes and the odd winter warmer recipe & you’re all done.

OK, so innovative journalism it ain’t, but in terms of keeping us all posted about what is important to start up Recruitment ventures, it’s really not bad. The team at SSG will do their best to accommodate articles generated by client requests – maybe one of our guys has a tax issue that needs a resolution or an idea about a new job board or wants to look at a web site re-write? Whatever it is, we figure that maybe others in our group want to know too.

This is a publication designed only for SSG Clients – who cares if it is relevant to the wider recruitment community? It is written for us, by us around all of us. If it matters to you then it probably matters to him and he ought to tell her before she asks us anyway, if you see what I mean.

So, as a Client of SSG you would be on the mailing list – like it or not. We would love for you to contribute and share your news and experience and use the publication as a catalyst for communication & conversation with SSG and your fellow entrepreneurs. Why not take a look at an example issue (see below) – you’ll probably see what I mean.

What’s it all about?

Risk vs Reward

Risk vs Reward

Connect January 2017

January 2017


Best Investment you will Make

Best Investment

SSG Production Team

Laura Mould - Publisher

Laura – Publisher

Email or Call 01442 200 956
Clare Armstrong - Editor

Clare – Editor-in-Chief

Email or Call 01442 200 957
Christian - Art Director

Christian – Art Director

Email or Call 01442 200 953