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Founded in 2003, SSG is a Recruitment Business ‘Start Up & Support’ venture, offering motivated Recruiters the opportunity to start and run their own recruitment business, free of investment or fixed charges or other weird & (not so) wonderful obligations.

Based in Hertfordshire (in Berkhamsted, near Hemel Hempstead & Watford) SSG has occupied Dower House, a 16th century listed building since 2005. It is a lovely office in a very warm & friendly town.

The Company (registered at Companies House as ‘SSG Recruitment Limited’ – 04834923) is owned by David Jones who launched the business. None of us can believe where the time has gone! SSG is a very simple business – we identify Recruiters who would like to run their own venture. We then launch a new business for the motivated Recruiter and subsequently provide all of the support required for the start-up business to prosper

The SSG Process


In the early days, the majority of SSG’s Recruiter Clients ‘found SSG’ via our adverts placed on the major UK Job Boards, but as the years have flown by we now add to our Client portfolio mainly through recommendation & referrals, which is so much nicer… and a little easier!


Providing a free business launch to our newly identified budding recruitment entrepreneur is ‘Stage 1’ of our offering & involves the project management of an entirely free, comprehensive and well-practised process. Everything that is required is provided, FOC & with a smile thrown in too!


The business is launched; our Recruiter Client is sending out CVs & trying to make placements. Well, now SSG enters ‘Stage 2’ of our offering – the provision of all of the key services any recruitment needs to prosper; recruitment support, back office provision & business mentoring.

Our launch service is free – we hope to earn our income through the charge of a descending percentage of the on-going ‘placement’ revenues of the new business. We call this our ‘Service Charge’.

So, let us be really clear: SSG is only successful if our Recruiter Clients are successful. Our income reflects theirs. SSG cannot rely on ‘guaranteed income’ – we need to fight to help our Clients earn their money and in doing so, SSG will win too.

In terms of a business model - SSG is equally obvious. We create our own Clients (the new Recruitment Companies). We then enter a support agreement with our new Client business. If our new Client generates income and earns lots of placement fees, then SSG does well too.

We are entirely transparent. Ask us whatever you want to, however many times you need to until it all becomes obvious as to why we are so dedicated to your success.

It is very important to SSG that you truly understand how we make our money and that you feel comfortable that we are exactly what we seem to be. There are lots of ways to find out more.

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