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  • Nothing easy about starting a business

    More Catches than Shane Warne!

    Nothing easy about starting a business

And The Catch?

Mark Twain

Catch? Of course there is a catch but as Mark Twain once said ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything’, so with his advice firmly in mind, let me detail for you some of the myriad of ‘catches’ involved in setting up a recruitment business, even with our help.

I guess the most obvious truth is that were it easy to do, every dodgy Recruiter in the UK would be running their own recruitment business and loving every minute of it & clearly that isn’t the case.

Another truth is that only a small percentage of Recruiters genuinely have enough motivation to break free of traditional employment & confront the uncertainly and anxiety attached with being a budding entrepreneur. We all know that there is a lasting perception that employment provides security (despite the overwhelming evidence disproving such nonsense) & for many Recruiters that is one perception that is here to stay.

And anyway, if it is so easy to dissuade a Recruiter from investigating SSG & our offering properly, shouldn’t we encourage the content majority to remain faithfully chained to their desks? However, for those who are genuinely interested in what the future could be, what follows is a poor attempt at putting you off the whole idea of owning a recruitment business.

Catch Number 1, 2, 3 & More

Are you a Quitter

Are you a quitter?

Catch No 1 is that you have to quit a job that you are probably pretty good at. Walk away from the salary, the commission & the perks. Wave goodbye to colleagues, swanky offices & ‘dress down Friday’. From now on, no placements equates with no money, not just a dressing down on a Friday.

Are you tough enough

Are you tough enough?

Catch No 2 is that although starting a business is easy, being successful in a business is tough - really tough. From now on, it is down to you & you alone to make that ‘phone ring, to find candidates and to persuade lazy Clients to try someone new. Are you really up for that challenge?

Are you prepared to fail

Are you prepared to fail?

Catch No 3 is the realisation that if you don’t succeed with all of the tools, talent & time provided by SSG coupled with your determination & ability, then it is probably never going to work for you. This really is your best chance of making it so are you ready to succeed or just frightened of failure?

Whilst it is probably true to suggest that the 3 Catches detailed above might seem the most prominent issues you need to confront, there are many more tricky obstacles to overcome before you buy the gleaming white Porsche and 6 Bed, 5 bathroom and 4 reception room mansion that you dream of.

Let’s ignore the obvious opportunity cost of putting your heart & soul into starting a recruitment business when you could be doing so many other things with your vital organs.

Let’s also remember that everyone probably wants you to fail (well, maybe not your Mum but most people anyway). Your potential success will only magnify their stupor & no one but no one enjoys being outshone by a friend or colleague. You will almost certainly face jealousy, spite & isolation. You will be the topic of office gossip, wild speculation about your ‘troubles’ and every Tom, Dick & Harry will have an opinion about your business.

But, when all of this rumour & misinformation threatens to engulf you, just remember Mark Twain – tell the truth to anyone who cares to listen. And by that, we mean the real truth, which is that you are just trying very hard to do something positive for your family and for your future.

Reasons for failure

Reason No 1

A tough thing to admit, but a few of the Recruiters who launched with SSG but returned to work for someone else were perhaps just not good enough at the job. Maybe their Clients didn’t love them after all or maybe they didn’t work hard enough, but in Recruitment terms, they just didn’t cut the mustard.

Reason No 2

It is hard to work alone, sitting in a back bedroom somewhere waiting for the telephone to ring. That sense of isolation can be a killer – you need to be able to cope with that. And how do you know if you can cope until you try? More Recruiters quit because of isolation than because they are not making enough money.

Reason No 3

If the isolation doesn’t get you & you are a good enough Recruiter to survive, threat number 3 comes in the form of ATD (Attention To Detail) or rather a chronic lack of it! The smallest thing matters. You need to follow our advice and make sure that you keep on top of the paperwork – let us help!