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Small Print

There are lots of cautionary truisms about signing contracts – my personal favourite is ‘never go into a contract without knowing how to get out’. Others talk about things being ‘too good to be true’ – indeed, why would SSG give away all of the tools you need and not charge anything for launching a business? Another popular anxiety is that we all need to look not for what is in a contract but much more importantly, what is left out?… Scary stuff!

When we launched SSG back in 2003, David Jones physically wrote down what he wanted our offering to be. He also drafted how SSG would get paid and what the responsibilities of SSG and our Recruiter Clients would be. To be on the safe side, David then wandered into the offices of an expensive solicitor… big mistake!

In just over a week (& at a stupidly high hourly rate) our bespectacled legal friend had taken David’s 12 pages or so of handwritten notes and produced a legally aggressive & overly protective contract of 85 pages… just the ticket! Not!

Not only was it not what David intended but it was a document that neither he nor SSG would ever use. Out came the red pen & the scissors and a few hours later SSG arrived at the Working Agreement which we still use today (minus a few grammatical & spelling errors!). Our ethos is all about trust, respect and transparency & that is why our Working Agreement is more of a safety net for our guys than it will ever be a stick for SSG to wave around at a client.

Heads of Agreement

Part 1 – The Heads of Agreement


What we deliver

Part 2 – What SSG actually delivers!


The scary bit!

Part 3 – The Scary bit!


Bottom line is that it is really simple; we will all do our best. If SSG breaches the terms of the agreement, any Client could walk away if they so wished. If a Client was dishonest towards SSG in a deliberate & repetitive manner, then SSG could escape too!

In reality, SSG has made lots of mistakes over the years. Our Clients have forgotten to do things (like pay the bill on time!) but in the spirit of mutual respect and all being in this together we always work things out.

One day however, maybe things will go wrong & then you may be glad of the time we recommend that you take before you sign on the line. After all, you will (hopefully) only start a recruitment business once, so why not take your time to get things right?

You will never be rushed, pressured or coerced in to whizzing through the small print of our Working Agreement - take your time, make sure that you not only understand what is in the agreement but also that you can see how to get out of it (should you wish) and that it isn’t too good to be true & that you know what is not in it! Pretty obvious stuff I guess?

7 Minutes 36 Seconds on the Working Agreement