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Setting up a recruitment business

For many recruiters, the idea of setting up a recruitment business is the Holy Grail – the goal that they work towards with passion and enthusiasm, the target that keeps them working 12 hours a day in that agency role they hate, the dream that distracts them on the long commute to the office.

You know you want it, but do you have the business experience it takes to start your own recruitment business?

With SSG, setting up a recruitment business is a carefully managed process, allowing you to focus your attention on what you are good at – recruitment!  We understand that the whole process of starting your own recruitment business can be daunting – there are so many things to consider such as ensuring the new business is legal and compliant, dealing with the accounts and financial challenges, building the logo and brand of the business as well as developing a website, and accessing the resources you need to make a recruitment business a success and source those all-important candidates.

We take the pain of these challenges from you, by guiding you through the launch process and then providing ongoing support to your recruitment business.

Does setting up a recruitment business with SSG guarantee success?

Well, promising that would be like promising to provide you with the winning lottery numbers for Saturday night’s draw – impossible!  But what we can tell you is that, since 2003, SSG has set up over 200 new recruitment businesses and we continue to support in excess of 135 of these.  Our success rate is far above the national average for start-ups, with 4 out of 5 of recruitment businesses we have set up still trading after 12 months.  Why?  Our unique blend of experience, industry knowledge and our commitment to making your business a success.

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Setting up a recruitment business: Recruitment business start-up funding

So, you know that SSG will set up your recruitment business absolutely free of charge and then support your business on an ongoing basis, all in return for a small percentage of what you bill (never more than 30% and descending year on year).

But what about that all-important factor – money!  It makes the world go round, according to many, but does it power your recruitment business start-up?  With SSG’s free business launch, there is no need for oodles of investment, fancy loans, presenting 100-page business plans to the bank or going cap in hand to family members.

You will simply need enough funds to cover your minimal costs (such as your phone bill) and to survive that ‘baked beans period’ – you know, the months where you are living off the last tin of baked beans from the back of the cupboard.

We’ll happily to chat to you about all the options for recruitment business start-up funding – after all, our expertise is part of our investment in your recruitment business.

Setting up a recruitment business: Why choose SSG?

If the obvious financial incentives (you know, the 70% of the placement fee you keep and the totally free business launch) and our proven track record (that’s over 200 new recruitment businesses set up, in case you’d forgotten) aren’t enough, how about:

  • Access to a team of experts on hand for advice and support in your new business
  • Technical and IT support
  • Creative and Branding provision
  • Full Back Office / Accounts / Financial function
  • Job board access
  • Resource allocation including DBS checking, vacancy reporting, credit checking and skills testing
  • Legal, business and HR support and guidance with regular business reviews
  • Recruitment software
  • Access to our online Training Portal, plus live training events

In addition to these tangible services, more importantly to the development of a successful business is, we feel, having a team around you that you know you can call on as and when you need it. That they are always there, regardless of whether or not the company makes money, is what our business model is predicated on.

How long does the launch process take?

In reality, we work around you.  The fastest we’ve ever completed a full launch including website build is 4 weeks – it is possible!  The longest….well…..

From SSG’s perspective, there are no set timeframes.  When we kick off the launch of your business we’ll talk through your current circumstances, your plans and your availability.  From there, we’ll agree on a schedule and work towards your ideal start date.  Of course, some of this depends on you and how quickly you can respond to our requests, but when the project is starting your own recruitment business, we’re sure you’ll be brimming with enthusiasm.

Why take our word for it?

If you’re thinking about setting up a recruitment business, why not talk to recruiters who have done just that?  Surely, it would be great to hear about their experiences, learn from their mistakes and see how the start-up of their recruitment business has affected their day-to-day life.  Watch our videos below to see how recruiters just like you have made their recruitment business a success with the support of SSG.

Call us on 01442 937 774 for a confidential discussion about how SSG can help you achieve that Holy Grail of starting your own recruitment business.

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