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Congratulations! In reaching us at ‘We Are SSG’, you have clearly made the decision to make a serious change in your life – to progress, to accept nothing less than the very best that you can do. Thousands of great Recruiters never get this far. Millions of others don’t even contemplate that there is a better way – but you have. Fantastic – well done!

So, let me not waste any of your time. You want to start a recruitment business & you probably think that you need a fancy recruitment agency business plan to do so! You already have the experience, the drive & the determination. You have the support of your family, your friends and an army of potential clients. It is all very exciting – right?

Starting a recruitment business is all about passion, instinct and flair – right again, do you agree? Who needs a recruitment business plan? Who needs advice, support and direction? Why bother with forecasts and cash flows and all that jazz? Numbers are great but let’s face it, all you want to do is to take action, to be brave and courageous and dynamic and nothing is going to stop you! You are 100% focused on the goal and 110% convinced of the direction that you are heading – am I right? Come on, let’s do it!

Well, to quote my favourite cheesy American motivational speaker, it doesn’t matter how focused you are on a goal or indeed how juiced you are to start a recruitment business, if you ‘run east looking for a sunset, then you are going to end up disappointed’.

My advice? Before you make the leap or take the loan or re-mortgage the house or raid your daughter’s piggy bank, let’s you and I take a moment to think about why a really brief, concise and practical recruitment agency business plan might be a good idea and even more crucially, what that agency business plan should really be about…. Oh & finally, let’s think about who might help you with all of that.

Recruitment agency business plan: What should your plan cover?

Deep inside you already know what your recruitment agency business plan ought to be, don’t you? No one really needs to sit you down and make you produce a 50 page, 10,000-word, multi-faceted laminated masterpiece, surely? Starting a recruitment business probably just needs to evolve around a simple, three-word recruitment business plan shared by nearly all successful recruitment entrepreneurs (I should know, I am one and I currently work with over 200 more).

Three words is all you need then? Do you agree? Three words which are really just the gatekeeper to your three-word philosophy. Still with me?

So, a recruitment business plan of just three words to start a recruitment business which is apparently based on just three more words, which we are choosing to call your ‘philosophy’. OK, so I hear your reservations, your doubts & your ‘yeah right David’ scepticism – after all, what the heck do these guys know?!

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5 Don’ts for your business plan:

  • Don’t stray from the Result you want, the Reason that you want that result & the Route Map that will take you there.
  • Don’t write your plan for anyone but you – not an Investor, not a Bank, not a friend, not your family. It is for you and only for you.
  • Don’t create 3-year forecasts to keep your three-word business plan company.
  • Don’t imagine that you need lots of capital behind you or money to hand.
  • Don’t forget that ‘Recruitment life’ is really just an anagram – it is not How but it really is all about Who…

Before we move on, let’s just revisit these early thoughts about your recruitment business plan:

  • It is really just three words long.
  • It has a philosophy built around just three more words.
  • Recruitment is not about How but is all about Who.

Your three-word Recruitment Agency Business Plan

Word 1: Make
Word 2: A
Word 3: Placement.

Yep, you guessed it – your recruitment agency business plan has to be three words long and must be based upon a cast ironed certainty that you will Make A Placement. There is no great mystery, no secret formulae and no shortcut. If your recruitment agency business plan does not 100% revolve around those three words, then all is lost. You have nothing.

A great support business like SSG can provide you will every conceivable tool ranging from job boards to CRM systems to legal support. We can do your monthly accounts, all of your invoicing, stabilise your cash flow and even write your website (whilst simultaneously backing up your email, providing your business cards and developing your social media strategy!) but what you have to do is much more important  – Make A Placement.

Get the candidate, get the vacancy and make the placement. Everything else is noise. Anything else can be ‘outsourced’. Your original 50 page, 10,000-word recruitment agency business plan can sleep soundly on the hard drive of your laptop as long as you just Make A Placement.

Tools, job boards, branding? Advice, accountancy, credit control? The Vat Man, the Tax Man and the Boogie Man? All SSG’s job, not yours.

Mentoring, guidance, support? SSG again. Direction, legal Champion, creative design? SSG. Experience, know-how, confidence? SSG. Investment – SSG. Help with PSL’s – SSG. Growth strategies – SSG. Making a placement – you and your recruitment agency business plan!

Your three-word Philosophy & your Recruitment Agency Business Plan

Word 1: Result
Word 2: Reason
Word 3: Route

What result do you want? Why do you want it and how do you get it – what’s your reason & your route? The three ‘R’s to support your three words. Your philosophy behind the recruitment agency business plan. Keep it clear, believe in it and practice what you preach. Live it.

Do you want to run your own recruitment business? That is your result. But, why do you want to start a recruitment business? What is that going to achieve for you? Lifestyle, money? – a combination of both. Freedom? Time with your family? An escape from the daily commute? What is your reason for the result you want?

And then – the Route Map. How are you going to get there? Who can help with the How? Who can provide you with the tools, the talent and the time to make your result ensure that your reasons are fulfilled?

Don’t borrow money, don’t spend money, just invest your time in SSG and see what the return is before you abandon your three R’s. The risk is all about not doing something – never about trying.

And don’t forget, time is a truly equal opportunities resource – it is only the thing that we all have in the same quantities – how are you going to invest yours? Dreaming, TV, dishes, worrying, planning, accepting, chocolate or reaching out just a little further towards your three R’s?

Why choose us for your recruitment agency business plan?

Imagine an entirely free recruitment business launch service. Imagine that there was an organisation dedicated to helping motivated Recruitment Consultants launch their own business. Imagine that they provided all of the tools you could ever need – without any financial commitment whatsoever. Imagine that they had been doing so since 2003 and imagine that they had launched over 200 Recruitment Businesses in that time.

Imagine that they were, in fact, the Who to your How.

So, where does all of this begin? How do you achieve clarity with your three R’s? What do you have to do to have SSG provide a free business launch service?

Why does SSG do that? How do they ‘win’? Where can I go to nail down my three line recruitment agency business plan? What support really exists? Is it all too good to be true? Am I being sucked into something? Will I lose control? What makes SSG think I am so daft as to believe that there is no catch? Does SSG really think that I am crazy! I know that Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy are not real!

All great questions – all perfectly natural & very, very familiar thoughts (we have heard something similar for 15 years!), but just for a moment, imagine again that we might be your Who, that we might just be the answer – the Route Map.

So, promise me that you will keep the momentum going! You have come this far after all – don’t stop now! Something real made your invest your time this way, so why not spend another 10 minutes or so before you dispense with the idea that SSG is not the Who to your How.

All I ask is that you watch my little video – it is short (like me), to the point (like me) & it tries hard (like me) to provide you with clarity & direction. You will see me waffling along detailing what help we can give, what the next steps might be and generally what a great bunch we are at SSG!

But, here is my promise – if you don’t entirely agree. If you don’t think that SSG is really the solution for you. If you think that 200 businesses launches has taught us nothing, that there are problems which we have not yet faced in all of that time working in all of those businesses, then simply email me after you have watched the video and I will send you a template of a recruitment agency business plan which will certainly keep any Investor, Bank or family friend very happy indeed!

I hope that I will see you on the other side…..


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