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The Launch Phase

The Launch Phase is fun, fun, fun – it’s the Start Your Own Business equivalent of the phoney war, so go with the flow & enjoy!

By the time you reach the actual launch phase (what SSG calls Stage 1 of our offering), you will have met with SSG, endured numerous conversations with our eager beaver team and be 100% clear about what services & tools we can provide you with.

Now is the time when SSG sweeps into action and begins to deliver on our promise to launch your new business for you. This is really a Project Management role for SSG, ensuring that everything that needs to be is done & on time & perfectly. For our Recruiter Clients, it is a great opportunity to start to get to know the team at SSG properly before the real work (of making placements) actually starts.

We will come to you for information (what you want to call your new business for example), confirmations (can you approve our creative designs?) & affirmation (is this exactly what you want & have we delivered to you exactly what you need?).

We work to your pace, against an agreed schedule of work and aim to deliver everything to you. We want to give you plenty of time to sit at home and test the software, build your database, access all of the tools and feel perfectly comfortable before the big kick off.

Stage 1 - The Launch Timeline

Meeting SSG

Coffee & a
chat really!

At a time & place which is convenient to all, you will meet with SSG & enjoy an open ‘no holds barred’ chat. No presentations, no unnecessary formality, just a chance to get to know who we are. Ask us literally anything.


Requirements List

Are you ready
to order Sir?

We need to know exactly what tools you want from the SSG Tool Box – which job boards, what software, what support, what this, what that? So, we get out our order book and scribble away!


Agree to Proceed

Agree to

This is where we detail exactly what we offer, exactly what our Service Charge schedule will be and exactly what you need to do to help us launch your business.



Your first day
at school

Just like big school, there are lots of things that need to be done before you arrive at our offices, ready to sign on the line and begin the launch process for real. Don’t be nervous!


The Big Day

are go!

Come to our offices, meet everyone involved and enjoy the wild excitement of the start of your new life! It’s real, it’s fun & it’s exhausting! Bed by 7 the night before please.


Agree to Commit

Homework, Decisions
& Action!

So, now begins the real work. We Project Manage. You need to respond. We deliver. You need to approve. We call, you chat. We get it done, you enjoy!



Be in complete

Throughout this launch phase, we will keep you completely informed – we will track our progress against the project plan. You will know everything, all of the time about everything.


SSG delivers

Just like
Christmas Day!

No, not full of family rows, bloated tummies and disappointment but full of fun, excitement and a time to get exactly what you wanted - batteries included.


Stage 1 complete

Time to get sign off
on delivery

SSG will ask you to sign off on our delivery – but only when you are happy, convinced and comfortable that we have done at least what we promised that we would do (& not until).


Stage 1 - The Launch Delivery

Legal & Compliance


Creative & Branding


Resource Allocation


Accounting Templates 


Stage 1 – SSG Project Management

We are responsible for the Project Management of your business launch – this is Stage 1 for SSG, the first part of our 2-stage offering. We take this investment extremely seriously and work against a moral mandate that you have given to us when you trusted us to be your partner. There is nothing that we won’t do to make sure that we deliver properly, professionally and with the minimum of fuss, but it also ought to be a fun and learning experience for our Clients too. Why shouldn’t we all use this time to get to know one another a little better? It will certainly help as this Phoney War ends and you start to fight the battle that really matters – i.e. making placements! Typically, the SSG Project Management team is led by our Operations Director (Laura Mould) and will include a hard core of SSG superstars, each with specific skills and responsibilities.

Krissy King

Krissy – Launch Manager

Ultimate responsibility for your Launch
Email or Call 01442 200958
Max Jones

Max – Project Liaison

Facilities Allocation & Delivery
Email or Call 01442 200946

Rob – Technical Wizard

All things technical
Email or Call 01442 200955

Nicole – Delivery of Tools

Requirement List delivery
Email or Call 01442 200950

Sophie – Accounting Strategy

Accounting & Legal Infrastructure
Email or Call 01442 200949

Christian – Head of Creative

Design & delivery of branding
Email or Call 01442 200953