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  • An Elevator Pitch in a nutshell!

    SSG in just 83 seconds

In a Nutshell

Apparently, every business owner ought to be able to present a great elevator pitch – 90 seconds or so which explains exactly what the business has to offer. So, here goes – why not time me?

‘’SSG provides a free business launch to motivated Recruiters who would like to run their own recruitment business. This business launch is our investment into you & your new business and will cover everything which any recruitment venture requires to get ready to trade properly – from taking care of the legal & compliance issues to the creative & branding process, the allocation of tools & facilities and the definition of the accounting templates, which allow SSG to then run & support the back office for your new business & for you as an individual. We call this our Stage 1 provision.

Once your new venture is up & running, SSG provides a comprehensive trio of on-going support services in exchange for a Service Charge, which is a descending percentage of the billing so the new business.

Our on-going support covers all aspects of recruitment, which for many people can simply mean the allocation of job boards, recruitment software, help with PSL, client disputes & so on whilst for others it might mean looking at ways to hire Recruiters, take on an office and grow the venture. We also cover all of the back office from invoicing to credit control to the dreaded tax work! Finally, we hope to use all of our experience to help you to run the business itself & this is where we hope to provide practical and helpful mentoring services. This is our Stage 2 provision.

We work against a brief contract called a Working Agreement and hope to make our money from the Service Charges of course. There are no fixed costs, no investment requirement from the Recruiter and no need for any additional Company supports. We have launched over 300 business since 2003 and still look after well in excess of 175 of those businesses.’’

Finished! Do you think it was 90 seconds or more? Well, call me a little retentive but I have timed it & I made it 83 seconds! Honestly. Try it!


Not worth
a gamble!

Everything that any fully compliant business needs to have in place to trade effectively from Terms of Business to a Bank Account – we do it all.



with ideas!

Come to our offices and sit with our Designers as you watch the look & feel of your business come to life! Logos, business cards, your web site, email headers – the whole lot. What great fun you’ll have!



Every tool
in the box!

You want passwords, login details, access codes, facilities & instructions and you probably want them right now! This is the part of the process where you get your hands on the tools to do the job!



It can
be exciting...

Deep, deep, deep in the back office of SSG, our shy accounting elves are putting in place all of the accounting templates we need to run your business for you.... Shhhh, don’t disturb them!



Surely we
can help?

We are your recruitment support team – providing practical help with all aspects of the day-to-day challenge of making placement, from candidates to clients & everything in between.



We’ll make sense
of it all

Anything to do with numbers, money, invoicing, tax, accounts, compliance, credit control, cash flow, payroll, timesheets, VAT, HMRC, margins, P&L’s... I guess you get the picture.



Who you going
to call?

We need you to be successful in order that SSG remain successful. We want your business to flourish. We can mentor you in all aspects of business development. Let us help. Engage!


Nutshell Sound Bites

Core Deal Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

We identify a motivated recruiter. We launch a business for free. We then contract with that new business to provide on-going support services in exchange for a Service Charge – which is a descending percentage of the billings of the business.

The Recruiter owns the business and makes all of the decisions regarding the business. SSG is a support company providing all of the tools required to trade and behaves as a mentor, partner and friend. SSG remains motivated as we only get paid if our Client is successful.

Contract Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

SSG simultaneously ‘contracts’ with the new business as it is launched. This contract is called the Working Agreement (WA). It is a benign & brief explanation of what SSG provides (the deliverables) and what SSG will charge (the Service Charge) and how long we all agree to be engaged (the initial contract duration).

The WA has three parts; Part 1 is the Heads of Agreement and confirms ‘how much & how long’ (the Service Charge & the initial contract duration). Part 2 is a list of what SSG promises to provide (the deliverables) and Parts 3 & 4 explains how either party can exit the agreement, should they choose to do so.

Deliverables Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

The WA commits SSG to provide a number of deliverables throughout the relationship regardless of the performance of the business. These deliverables define what SSG does during Stage 1 (the Launch) and Stage 2 (On-going support) of our offering.

The deliverables are defined in the WA – a listing all of the tools, processes and facilities SSG promises to provide to your business. Before SSG presents a potential Client with the WA, SSG will have met, understood and discussed with the Recruiter exactly what they need / want. This requirements list allows SSG to then define what the Service Charge will be.

Service Charge Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Once SSG understands what facilities a new Client will need to be successful, we present this requirements list as part of the Working Agreement. SSG calculates what our Service Charge needs to be to cover our costs and then adds our profit before presenting you with the Service Charge schedule.

The Service Charge schedule is a Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 & Year 4 descending percentage of the billings of your new business. No fixed costs. If a business literally required everything that SSG can provide, the maximum Service Charge in Year 1 would be 30%, before descending throughout the remaining contract period. It is inconceivable that a new business requires everything that we can offer!

Other Costs Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

The business launch is free and provides a new venture with everything that is required to trade. SSG provides all of the on-going support facilities that the new business might need in exchange for a percentage of the billings of the business. If there are no placements, then SSG clearly does not charge anything.

The only costs that any recruiter may have are a telephone bill & enough money to survive whilst the new business ramps up – the ‘baked beans’ period. Unless you opt to purchase something which SSG does not offer, you will not have any additional costs. You pay SSG only when you make a placement.

Timescales Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

To be very clear, from the point at which we meet a Recruiter & all agree to launch a new business to the point at which that Recruiter can physically trade might be as little as 7 days – if that is what the new Recruiter preferred.

It does not matter to SSG at all when a new business starts to trade provided that we have delivered everything required for the business to trade effectively (Stage 1 of our offering). Typically timescales tend to be around 4-6 weeks but we have launched a business within days whilst other launches take months. The timescales simply reflect the Recruiter preference.

Had Enough Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

If a Recruiter wants to stop running their own business and go back to the world of PAYE there is nothing to stop them. SSG does not charge any form of exit fee or exit penalty or anything else.

It is painful enough for a Recruiter to make such a tough decision, so why would SSG compound that pain? Our commitment is to close the business properly; liaise with all third parties and try to ensure that the Recruiter can simply move on with their life. At the end of the day, SSG is an investment company and we cannot sit around & moan if things do not work out.