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Our Offering

SSG offers motivated Recruiters a route to launching & running a recruitment business which is: risk free, investment free, has no financial cost, requires no monetary commitment & has already been successful on over 200 occasions since 2003.

In exchange for your commitment to doing your best to make placements and generate income in your new business, SSG will meet all of the costs of launching that business and then provide on-going support to you & your new venture. SSG hopes to earn an income from charging a descending percentage of the placement values of the business.

Crucially, SSG will charge nothing unless you actually make money. No placements, no SSG fee. No fixed costs.

At this point we are hoping that our superstar, super clever, super slick business philosophy is starting to emerge? (no, come on – don’t laugh!). We really & truly & honestly believe in backing our own judgment and investing in a transparent working partnership with a good recruiter – a genuine win / win.

If we are wrong & things don’t work out and for some crazy reason our would-be budding entrepreneur would prefer to go back to work for someone else, then there is no comeback from SSG, no whinging, no exit fee, no penalty clause, no ‘ah but that is not fair’, no ‘you owe us £247.13p’. We simply shake hands & all move on.

With so long in the game and access to so much empirical & anecdotal data, we have been able to establish a pretty clear picture of why our offering works for our target Recruiters.

SSG offers freedom & autonomy


You will make more Money


This is really your Pension


SSG is not just about offering a free business launch and then providing the necessary on-going support to run that new business. We are about providing holistic support to a Recruiter who needs to seek out better value for themselves (& their family) right now & provide security for their long term future.

We firmly believe that SSG has a moral responsibility to help to ensure that after (say) 10 years at the helm of your own business, you have both a high income history & a long term valuable asset future. We know what to do. We have done this many times before and continue to help others to achieve this dual objective.

So, let us ask that before you delve any deeper into what we offer during our Stage 1 Launch & Stage 2 On-Going Support’ processes, you accept a philosophy adopted by SSG over the past 15 years or so:

‘It doesn’t really matter to SSG what our agreement with any Recruiter actually says – once we are in it, we are in it’’

In other words, for SSG philosophically, the agreement we put in place to formalise what we provide to any budding entrepreneur (our Working Agreement) is just a safety net for our Clients – a listing of the minimum support that they can expect from SSG at any time, but in reality SSG will do whatever we need to do to ensure that ‘our guys’ have the very best chance of success. Once we are in it, we are in it. We are SSG.