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What is 1lb worth to you?

by / Tuesday, 16th JUNE 2015

Over the weekend, whilst watching England labour to a win again Slovenia & against a background of criticism of Wayne Rooney (he is too slow and a little over weight cried the assembled masses), I got into a pretty stupid but nevertheless serious discussion with a delightfully rotund (but not particularly ‘fat’) 40+ desk-bound Recruiter whom I have known for years.

A good friend of mine, he claimed that he would happily pay £300 for every 1 pound of weight he could instantly lose if all he had to do was to physically cough up the cash. No questions asked, he would simply have to hand over the money and he would immediately drop a few inches from his waist line. A perfect exchange rate of a 1lb for 300 pounds sterling.

His wife (who is pencil slim and therefore not really entitled to this view) immediately dispatched the opinion that were he not so lazy & was prepared to simply exercise every now and then, he could probably lose 1 stone in a month, saving himself £4,200 (i.e. 14 lbs at £300 per pound).

A variety of observations rained down upon poor Simon (our £300 a 1lb man) – ranging from the supportive to the cruelly dismissive, but what we all agreed was that there was a price that we would all pay for instant results without any actual effort. Throwing money at the problem was a very popular concept. Some of the less flabby-challenged congregation declared that the maximum that they would pay to our fictitious ‘Fat Blasting Banker’ was £10 per 1lb whilst we had one desperate (but affluent) individual prepared to break the £500 per 1lb barrier there and then (mind you, he was drunk and clearly bursting out of his beige chinos).

For me, I would go to maybe £500 / £600 per stone – I would even commit to that rate once a year for the next five years (as I know that my fatty ebb & flow would make that up-front payment worth every penny). Of course, I didn’t admit that to the assembled baying crowd for fear of derision and scorn but surely, I cannot be so unusual in that £500 / £600 estimate? After all, think what one might pay for gym membership or a number of low fat ‘meal 4 one’ portions from M & S? Anyway, it got me thinking of course. What about you guys? What would you pay per 1lb? Be honest, there must be a number?

And if you were prepared to pay £s for 1lbs, what else might you prefer to outsource? As Recruiters, most of us would no doubt come up with a list as long as a fat man’s leather belt but let’s start with the basic question to hand: how much would you pay to instantly lose 1lb of unwanted flesh?!