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3 reasons why recruiters start Recruitment Businesses?

by Max Jones/ Monday 9th April 2018

Why do recruiters start their own businesses?

What has always been a very fascinating topic to me & was part of the reason why I felt that SSG was a very good vehicle for me to build upon that passion, is understanding what motivates people &, in turn why people do what they do.

Apply this to recruitment & in particular investment into recruitment start ups & you have this – a blog about my take on why recruiters start their own recruitment businesses. So, without trying to position this topic into a neatly generated anecdote about how starting a recruitment agency is a lot like riding the underground (for want of a better example) let’s take a look at some of the motivations that I, having had the great fortune of talking to 100s of recruiters about potentially starting their own businesses, feel are persistent motivations for becoming a Recruitment Entrepreneur.

Financial Freedom

Money baby, Money! At some level, every recruitment consultant who thinks, toys and/or acts upon the idea of starting their own recruitment business is motivated by the potential financial upside. I say potential because it would be wrong to say that simply “starting your own business” would mean you would automatically be financially better off. But the simply maths is, let’s say you billed £100k last year working for an agency on a 10% commission structure. Do that for yourself & you will “see” more of that £100k in your back pocket than you would with any agency.

Understanding what “more money” would bring a recruiter in their own business has always been a great cornerstone of SSG when trying to really understand what motivates an individual. After all, “money” can do a lot of things – the question is what would Financial freedom in your business look like & mean for you?

Autonomy & Control

You want to be free! You want to run with the Antelope across the great plains of Africa wearing nothing but your birthday suit.
Or really you just want the freedom to work in the way you want, at the pace you want & in the direction you desire & preferably you want to wear your PJs in your back bedroom while you do it. Either or. 
The bottom line is, the majority of recruiters we have the pleasure to talk to (if they are truly ready to start their own agency) feel like they deserve more autonomy is how they work, more freedom in physically “when” they do that work & more command over the direction of their desk & their relationships. You might not feel overly restricted in your current role, but you’ve found yourself toying with the idea of even more autonomy & even more control.  

Work/Life integration

Ah the cliché with a twist!

But the reason I say integration is that, the fantastic recruiters that we work with aren’t looking to start their own agencies simply to be able to work less hours, put their feet up on a Tuesday morning at 10am & watch the latest Love Island contestant on Loose Women talk about their recent breakup.

The recruiters we work with, the recruiters we invest into start their own agencies to have the freedom to create that perfect equilibrium between their personal & professional life. It’s not a balance in the purest sense of the word but more an integration of the two aspects of their life. If they want to pick up Summer from her Ballet lesson at 3pm on a Tuesday, then they can. If they need to bash away on some TOBs at 9pm on a Friday evening, they can.

I think that’s a main motivator for any recruiter who ever starts their own agency. The idea that their business & their personal life can truly go hand in hand.

So – can you relate? Are you a business owner & therefore can you relate to the motivations above? Or perhaps you’re a recruiter, toying with the idea of building your own asset – do these motivations ring true in your life?

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