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The Wheel of Focus

by MAX JONES / Wednesday, 8th June 2016

The Wheel of Focus

Even the greatest business owners in the world know, deep down, that there is a gap between where they are right now & where they want to be in regards to the progress & growth of their business. Isn’t it true? Now, I know if you’re reading this today you’re an achiever. You’re either a fully-fledged business owner living the life of a recruitment entrepreneur, or some part of you is debating making the tantalising leap. So surely you can relate to the idea that any great business owner is never content with their current position (no matter how outrageously excellent it may be!). 

To be a success in any area of business, it’s all about focus. Achievers like yourself know that whatever you focus on, you will achieve. But all business owners (SSGs M.D. included!) have been guilty of focusing on one aspect of their business more than another at some stage in their careers, leaving other areas to fall at the wayside & paying the price.

Heck, you might look at your current situation & see it happening right now? For example, perhaps your business development is excellent, but your accounts are lacking; or your accounts are fantastic but your marketing is limited; or your marketing is fantastic but your product development is non-existent. All of us, whether we’re a one-man band making placements from our back bedroom, or a business owner of 3 branches across the UK, have been guilty of this from time to time – unless you’re one of those super-human achievers, in which case, please refrain from reading on as this will help you as much as I could help Cristiano Ronaldo score a free-kick. Long story short, you don’t need this.

But if you’re one of us normal achievers then perhaps you can relate to the following?  To have an exceptional business (& exceptional by the way could mean completely different things to each individual business entrepreneur) I feel there are 6 areas of focus that must all be constantly focussed on in order to achieve this. The six areas of absolute focus are:

  1. Accounts: the foundations of any healthy business
  2. Recruitment: a pretty big deal when running a recruitment company (!) 
  3. Creative innovation: marketing, website design, technical innovation & progress
  4. New Business development: the ultimate way to progress your business
  5. Internal relationships: create both a raving customer culture & employee culture
  6. Work/life balance: it’s not sustainable to have a better relationship with your computer than your wife & kids, so get the perfect combination.

Looking at those 6 areas of focus, I’m sure you have sub-consciously ranked them in order of importance - & again each persons “list of importance” will be different, but ultimately in order to progress and grow we need to have ultimate focus in each of these areas & not neglect one for the other.

So what’s my call to action for you folks out there reading this today? Well, let’s see where you are at……

  1. Get a pencil & paper for me, & draw a circle (it doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t worry if you don’t have a compass with you!!). Done?

  2. Now divide that circle into 6 equal sections (easy way to do this is draw a line to cut the circle in half & then draw an X).

  3. Now name each section with one of the six areas of focus we’ve spoken about today.

  4. Imagine the area where all the lines intersect is 0%. For each section I would like to rate yourself & your business focus out of 100, so for example if you feel you focus heavily on the creative side of your business you may draw a line on that section to represent 80%, or for recruitment you may feel you’re only at 50%. Whatever it is, please rate yourself for each of the six sections by drawing a line across the section, shade all the sections in & look at the shape that creates.

Now imagine that’s the wheel on your vehicle of Business success – how would that drive? Perhaps if you were going at 10mph it wouldn’t be too bad, yes the road would be a little bumpy but ultimately pretty bearable? What about 100mph? As the over-achievers I know you are, you no doubt live your life at 100mph (& most of the time even more!). With the wheel you’ve created today based around the areas of focus you feel you focus on, on a regular basis, how would that ride be? Are there certain areas you know you focus on more than others that are impeding your “ride”?

Now that we’ve determined what you focus on & ultimately where you spend your time in your business, perhaps now we can start create a smoother ride by conditioning ourselves to focus on all 6 areas, rather than 2/3.