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Invest in V.A.M!

by MAX JONES / FRIDAY, 13th May 2016

Value Added Marketing

I’m sure you can all appreciate that the emergence of recruitment start-ups are becoming as common as rain in the once acclaimed “summertime” of May (which I’m sure we’ve all been victim of this last week!)  And, much like the inconsistent British weather, the rise of recruitment start-ups doesn’t look like it’s going to halt any time soon. Which is really quite exciting!

Yet, many budding recruitment entrepreneurs see the market becoming increasingly more crowded & unfortunately, stress levels increase, competition becomes stronger & candidates become even more precious than before! So how would we suggest reacting to this? Is there a way of using this to our advantage or, heck, should we all pack up our bags and go back to working for someone else? Of course, the answer lies in the former.

The market being how it is really allows recruitment companies to focus on one thing & one thing only – adding more value than anyone else. I know it sounds simplistic but it’s true! To be the market leader & elevate a recruitment company above the parapet, it needs to understand the importance of Value Added Marketing.  

Value Added Marketing (or V.A.M) is the process of creating content and sharing key insights into relevant and valuable areas specific to your key target market. For the sake of this brief introduction to the idea today, I want to outline 3 key ways in which any company, not just the recruitment companies that SSG have the pleasure of supporting, can really use this tool to maximize results & become “masters of their field” (sounds tantalising doesn’t it!).

1. See your business through the eyes of your customers

One of the key aspects of this is appreciating the benefits of your business to the customer, rather than just the features. To acquire new customers, of course, the features of your company need to be fantastic, but to retain customers & to have those customers refer others, you need to see your business through their eyes & start benefiting the customer rather than selling to them.

2. Create a raving customer base

Have you ever been to a movie, and days after even weeks after, you’re still obsessed by it?  And I mean obsessed; I mean you drop the movie into every conversation you have with every person you meet, raving about it & telling them they must see it. Not that they should, but they must! I’m sure everyone has done this once or twice in their life. I know I have.

Any business, whether it produces a movie, a concert or places a candidate, that has unforgettable customer experience is far more likely to benefit from word-of-mouth, positive reviews & increasingly high retention rates, than those who don’t value it.

Develop a raving fan base & business will keep coming.

3. “Give a little, get a lot”

For me this is the most important point of the three. If the result you are focussed on is creating more value than anyone else in your market, then the appreciation of free content is key.  And the cornerstone of any successful V.A.M strategy is the production of free resources.

This content can be in the form of video, PDF, company mouse mats, webinars, Q&As, tapes – pretty much anything! I had the opportunity to go get some coaching with a fantastic marketing organisation a few weeks back & the wealth of free resources on their website was staggering. To date I’ve read so much of this that now I see them as the market leader in the social marketing market. Why? Because they’ve added far more value to me around the area of marketing & strategy than any other.

So with the day’s getting longer, the evenings getting hotter & the more & more recruiters looking to start their own businesses – investing your time in a focussed & clear V.A.M strategy is, in my eyes, paramount to your on-going success. Go on, give it go or give me a call and we can have a chat.