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FollowerWonk – use Twitter better!

by MAX JONES / Tuesday, 3rd may 2016


I’m sure we can all appreciate that Twitter is an important tool in procuring candidates in today’s tech-savvy market. However, how many of us (& we’ve been guilty of it too here at SSG) actually use Twitter on a regular basis? My guess is between slim & none!  And while I bet we can all acknowledge its importance in recruitment, until we start using it effectively and efficiently we’re literally wasting our time. After all knowledge is power, but only if we build upon this knowledge & use Twitter effectively.

Twitter is a lot like running, isn’t it? One of the most talked about elements of health & fitness, and one that is used day-in day-out as a barometer of your physical fitness, is how quickly you can run a mile – isn’t it? For some reason this has become the benchmark, to which all budding health freaks (!) out there compare themselves to one another.  And I guess the point I’m trying to make (emphasis on trying…) is, we should view “how many followers do you have?” as the Twitter equivalent. But while there is a known science in increasing your 1 mile PB, is there such a science in increasing your Twitter following?

Well, the answer may be here. In a recent seminar I had the pleasure of attending, I was presented with a new and unique tool called Followerwonk. Yes you’ve read that right, Followerwonk. This is a Moz-owned Twitter tool that, I feel, is a great way of helping you not only increase your Twitter following, but really start to use that Twitter following effectively and productively. Much like running a 6 minute mile is fantastic, but if you can’t use this endurance while being chased by a bear in the northern parts of Canada, then your health & fitness obsession is pretty worthless – who agrees with me on this?

While there are many, many, many fantastic elements of Followerwonk, I would like to just briefly focus on one for the rest of this little blog today. Although if you would like to know more about this fantastic tool, & I hope you would, then please go have a look on the link here & give SSG a call. 

Ultimately, I think one of the best elements of Followerwonk, is it’s a fantastic way to find relevant Twitter users to follow & then hopefully engage with. For example, let’s say you’re a budding recruitment entrepreneur in the Rec2Rec market & the types of candidates you are looking for are (of course) Recruitment Consultants. Let's take this one step further & say that you’ve got a client briefing that outlines they are looking for 3 senior level recruitment consultants in the Manchester area. Where would you go? Now of course you’re all saying LinkedIn, I can hear ya!  And while I appreciate LinkedIn is a wonderful tool, let’s instead use Followerwonk & search the Twitter atmosphere for the candidates that, if we were being honest with ourselves, we know will be on Twitter – it’s just a matter of having the right strategy to find them.
It’s really quite simple, by following this step-by-step process you will unlock a massive pool of candidates that, while they may be on LinkedIn or Facebook or any other platform you use, may not be as visible as on Twitter for example. Have a look at this step-by-step process of using Followerwonk in this area & if you have any questions or would like to know more than please do give us a call.

  1. Once on the webpage, select “Search Bois”
  2. Make sure you are logged into Followerwonk with your Twitter username & password. This will allow you access to parts of the site for free.
  3. Type into the search bar “Recruitment consultant” (or any job title you are searching for) & hit “more option”
  4. This gives you the option of specifying a specific location (& even a name!). So for example Manchester.
  5. Select “do it” and watch as you get candidate upon candidate that you can then follow, engage with & hopefully end up working with at one stage or another.
Best of luck & again any issues or questions, please do get in touch.