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Top Billers – What’s your dirty secret?

by Ash Bennett / Tuesday 30th May 2017


Recruitment is a business development job.

It is the key constituent of being a successful recruiter and it’s crucial that you are always seeking out new opportunities to ensure that your pipeline is full – but top billers know there is far more to it than that…

Recruiters are skilled networkers, expert consultants, black belt marketers, slick interviewers, brilliant strategists and sharp problem-solvers. The best recruiters are also master relationship builders. These guys know that something else is just as important; client retention.

If you think about it; if you’re not spending a large portion of time servicing your key clients each month, you’re giving other recruiters an opportunity to start flirting with them.

So, what’s the key to retaining your clients? Go above and beyond the call of duty to become a top biller.

If you’re doing what they want you to do, i.e. finding them the right candidate for the right job at the right time then great – congratulations! You can be satisfied that you’ve done a good job, your client is happy, you’ve got numbers on the board, you’ve hit your target and so on to the next month. You’ve earned your keep, kept the wolves from the door and your boss is off your back.

But guess what? Loads of other recruiters do the same which means you risk losing your client.

But what if you exceeded your client’s expectations? By doing this, you’re denying other recruiters of that opportunity to get in bed with your client. After all, if you are delivering an exceptional service to your client then what possible reason could they have to work with someone else?

So, what does this look like?

It means that you go the extra mile. It’s all about responsiveness, being proactive and attention to detail, as this can really mark you out as a responsible recruiter who actually gives a toss.
An example could be inviting your client for lunch to discuss each candidate in person. Leave the CVs for a post-lunch email. You’ll be strengthening the relationship between you and your client and making the process a lot more varied.

Retaining clients means you can plan ahead with a reasonable amount of confidence. Imagine getting into the position where you could hit your monthly target simply from a regular client base? That is how to become a top biller.

You still might get hammered by your boss for not making enough ‘new’ calls… but that’s for another time!