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Stuck in a professional rut? Follow these 4 steps to get back on track!

by Max Jones/ Monday 16th april 2018

Stuck in a professional rut? Follow these 4 steps to get back on track!

Have you ever had it where things are just flowing? Plates are spinning, things are happening, things are progressing and opportunities are as fruitful as Mo Salah is for Liverpool FC. Things are flying and it becomes so hard to even imagine things not being that way. Have you ever experienced that? Chances are, being the successful recruiter I am sure you are, you’ve experienced that euphoria in your career a fair few times.

Have you ever felt the complete opposite?…

Now I don’t know you personally yet, but chances are, if you look back at the last 12 months (so, let’s say from April 2017 to present day), you would have experienced a rut (or two) in your professional career. Now, of course, there is no science to getting out of a rut; there’s no 10-step plan for climbing out of the hole you have found yourself in. But every rut comes with its lessons and, having had the great pleasure of experiencing a rut or two over the years, let’s delve into just how you can help yourself overcome the rut you are in.

I am a big advocate of trying to really break down what is it that makes people succeed and what is that makes people who, have once been so successful, look like a mere shell of themselves just weeks later? Every Entrepreneur will experiences ruts in their business, so let’s explore some of the ways you can overcome those experiences.


Every rut, whether that be in recruitment, sales, entrepreneurship or whatever, starts to get manageable to moment you acknowledge the problem.

By that, I mean seeing it how it is. Not worse than it is, not better than it is – how it is. Verbalise the problem, write the problem down, own the problem. No career is without its problems, own the problem!… For me (and this might work for you) I always write down the problems I am facing and place them into manageable chunks. Chunking can then allow you to look at the problems you have and digest them easily; rather than all at once – which is kind of like taking a drink out of Firehose. Overwhelming.


As I was saying above, what has always worked for me (and I hope it might for you too) is literally getting a blank piece of paper and chunking your problems into categories you need to focus on.

Any successful entrepreneur will see the value, in some shape or form, in the idea of breaking tasks and issues down into manageable sets. 9 times out of 10, if you are in a professional rut then things start to feel a little overwhelming.  Through writing everything down not only do you see that the issues you are facing are actually not as large as your mind has made them be, but you also now have a foundation to act and overcome the issues in front of you.


There’s no denying that working for yourself can be, at times, quite a lonely experience. In particular, in the early stages of a business life, the Owner tends to be working alone, from their back bedroom with the most interaction they have each day being with the cat on the way down to make yet another coffee. Place on top of that a professional rut and it can be very overwhelming. Of course not every time, but most of the time it can feel very isolating and even harder to get out of.

In our experience, this is when we would advise our Entrepreneurs to leverage the support network around them. That could be friends, family, business connections or (of course) SSG. Whoever is important to you in your professional career, you should be able to look to them when things aren’t going to way you thought they would.

You are not the only one to have experienced tough times in their own agency and I guarantee the issues that you are, or will be, facing are issues that those around you have seen before. So leverage those connections and work with them to overcome the issues you are currently facing.


Every Entrepreneur, whoever you are, experiences dips in the lifetime of their business. and, in my experience of talking and being with Entrepreneurs, the underlying truth that always seems to pull successful individual through is the realisation of how they got to where they are now.

It’s funny; there’s a misconception that a “successful” business is a business without problems. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You want problems, and in fact, you want quality problems. and for every entrepreneur we have been able to work with and support over the years, they have been able to overcome their problems through realising the quality of them. They cast their mind back 12-24 months and ask the question “would this be a problem I would have dreamed to have 24 months ago?” and the chances are the answer is yes and it’s all about backing yourself and knowing that in 12 months’ time you’ll have another quality problem to overcome.

I know that sounds weird, but I hope you can appreciate where I am coming from. The best way to get out of a rut is to remember how you got there.


This content was originally posted on ConnectOnDemand


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