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How to Start a Recruitment Business: Step 5

by Max Jones/ Thursday 22nd March 2018

How to Start a Recruitment Business: Step 5

Welcome back!

So last time we explored the wonderful world of accounting & examined some key areas that you, the Recruiter, need to think about when starting your own recruitment business. We spoke about a few primary areas but appreciated that without launching into a monologue to rival the great “War & Peace”, we couldn’t possibly explore every single aspect of the accounting infrastructure that you need to be aware of when starting your own recruitment agency.

Our Objective? To give you a taste of what would be important & to, as ever, encourage you to do your research & seek out those “in the know” to potentially help you on your journey.

This week, while the theme is slightly different, the message is not. This week we are going to examine the wondering world of the Creative & Design elements of your business. An area of business which is very specific to each recruiter; & while for some is not deemed as “important” as others, for the majority they appreciate that the branding of a business is arguably one of the most crucial factors when it comes to both the aesthetics of a business & the procurement of new business to that agency.

For the sake of this blog, we are going to focus more on how important it is to think about the Creative side of your business as more than just making your business look the way you want it to. Whenever you are talking about your company name, logos, stationery, website & marketing strategies (to name a few) it’s important to think about how those vehicles can help drive traffic to your website & ultimately generate you more business from the outset.

How would you do that? Well, we are going to explore two factors you need to bear in mind: Onsite factors & Offsite factors. Now, of course, there is more to consider but, as we mentioned above, we hope this will just give you a good opening insight into the areas you need to consider when starting your agency.


First & foremost you need to be aware of how you are going to build your website. I know it sounds obvious, but in our experience to really build a strong online presence (in the form of a strong Google ranking for example) you need to first build your website in the right way.

Most creative “gurus” out there would suggest using WordPress, which is an open source piece of software that allows you to build your website. Think of WordPress as the bricks of a house; there’s no point having a fantastic collection of sofas or TVs in your house without a strong infrastructure to house them in.

Secondly, in keeping with the build of your website, it’s worth looking at potential Plugins to add to your website. There are lots of various Plugins out there that came be used to optimize your site for keywords & phrases. If you would like a little breakdown of the ones we might recommend, then please do give us a call. But essentially, looking at Plugins into your WordPress website are worth thinking about, & in turn, it’s worth thinking about the type of content you create for your website & the frequency you update & tweak that content.


These are a little trickier to proactively influence but that does not mean they’re not important to think about when developing & maintaining your presence online. It’s worth noting as well, that the majority of “offsite” factors are influenced by the content you create & update your website with.

& this is why it’s worth looking at creating landing pages for your website. They allow you to not only cater to a specific audience but also, as content equates to about 55% of your Google ranking, it plays a big part in increasing your SEO in the eyes of Google. When creating your website, talk to your developers about, not only creating landing pages but continually updating those landing pages on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it’s worth looking at backlinks on your site. Backlinks act as recommendations for your site &, in the eyes of Google, essentially are showing that other sites are recommending your content & vice-versa. There are companies out there where you can “buy” backlinks, but in our experience, it’s much more effective to grow these backlinks yourself. Yes, it might take a little longer, but the long-term impact in terms of your Google ranking is worth it.


& that concludes our brief analysis of the creative & design elements of your recruitment business. As I have said before, it would be difficult to talk about every single aspect you need to consider in respect of your presence as an agency online, but I hope the focus around these two key areas has given you a good platform to then approach this exciting side of your agency. As ever, I would encourage to talk to SSG about this aspect of your agency – the creative team here at SSG are fantastic at what they do & would love to chuck the ideas around with you.

Come on – give us a call!


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