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How to Start a Recruitment Business: Step 1

by Max Jones/ Monday 22nd January 2018

How to Start a Recruitment Business: Step 1

What were you doing on Wednesday evening, say around about 7:30pm? Now, I am sure many of you were just sitting down after a very hard but successful day to tuck into a nice hot meal before perusing Netflix to find a good film/documentary before heading to bed & getting ready for the next day.

For me, it was slightly different. I was with a recruiter. I had the pleasure & the privilege of sitting with a motivated recruiter who was clearly very focussed around starting their own recruitment agency. I knew the lady through a venture we already supported & therefore really valued having a few hours with her to talk about things.

One of the consistent questions she had, quite understandably, was how do I start a recruitment business? How do I get from where I am now, to where I want to be in the next 5 or 10 years? & obviously the answer is an odd one really. On the one hand it’s immensely specific to that individual & yet on the other hand there are certain “things” that are constant – regardless of recruiter, ambition or aspiration.
Such is the case, that I thought I would create a blog series around that very question.
So how do you start a recruitment business? Well, here’s “Step 1”:

Step 1: Determine your Why

But what does determining my why have anything to do with starting a recruitment business? That’s a great question, if I may say so myself, & I guess the reason why for SSG (& in particular myself) feel that your “why” is incredibly important when you are looking to start your own business is because we know how incredibly tough doing just that is.
At the end of the day, you are signing yourself up for a game. A game that the longer you play, the more likely you are to die! Longevity in business is great but doesn’t make you immune. There is an early stage challenge in running a business, but after that you are met with new challenges & after that, even more. The game of business never stops & if you would like to know a little bit more about that, there are quite a lot of articles out there that I recommend you reading around “The Game” of Business – the whole argument between infinite & finite players is quite heavily written about, so please do have a look. 
But back to your why. I feel that your why is broken into 3 main questions that I’d like to explore for yourself today. So, think about your business, or the idea you have & apply these questions. You apply & answer these three questions, you’ll know your why & with that you’ll start to see that everything you do in your business is driven by these three questions.

Why now?

What is it about now that is making you want to start your own recruitment business? A lot of people say the timing is just “right”, which I can completely understand. So, for you, is the timing right? Has there been a particular catalyst in your professional life that has made “now” the right time. Or is it perhaps a personal milestone that has made you look back & thin about the next 5- 10 years & what you want from them.

Why this?

Pretty straight forward this one, but why recruitment? In working for someone else, sometimes that physically tends to take a back seat & you’re motivated to work with particular colleagues or in a particular place or with a particular manager; rather than the industry you are in. But when you’re on your own, nothing will focus you more than understanding why you’re in that sector. So, again for you, what is it about recruitment that’s making you want to take (what might be for you) your biggest career step to date?

What’s the outcome?

Most importantly – what are you looking to do with your own business. This tends to come at the end. Once you’ve determined why now & why this – you start to ask yourself, where do I see this vehicle (my own business) taking me in the next 5-10 years or so. Not only where do I see that taking me, but where do I see it taking those close to me? Is my outcome to have a 10-15 man office in the next 5 years or is it more a lifestyle business during the early years or my children. Or has your youngest finally flew the nest & you’re looking for the next project (for want of a better word) to develop & challenge yourself with.

Whatever “it” is for you, ask yourself these three questions. Take your time, write them down & then use them to drive yourself through this challenge. Next time we will talk about the logistics a bit more, but I felt it was important to really ground ourselves in what your why is. Determine your why around starting your own recruitment business & the rest will follow suit.

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