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Ready, set, go! 6 clear signs you are ready to become a Recruitment Entrepreneur

by max jones/ Tuesday 2nd January 2017

Are you ready to become a recruitment entrepreneur

The recruiters that SSG usually have the pleasure of working with share very similar characteristics & over the years, these characteristics have been very constant in every venture we have been able to support. They’re exceptional at what they do (of course), they have at least 2-3 years 360 experience behind them in the market they are looking to create their own agency in (it’s an “investment must”!) & finally, they are “so ready” (as my sister would say) to start their own business & become their own boss.
Very similar characteristics & ones that SSG can identify with, sympathise with & relate to. But what is always so unique about every recruiter we support is when they felt “ready” to start their own agency. & I thought, if you’re reading this today & some part of you was toying with the idea of building your own recruitment agency, I’d take the time today to explore some of the obvious signs that might just prove to you that you are in fact ready to start your own agency.

So – what are they?

1: I can make placements

I know how to work my market, I know where I get my clients from & I know how to source my candidates. I’ve done it before, I’ve done it multiple times, I’ve even built desks from nothing – I can “do it”.

2: I really really really want to do this

I’m at that stage whereby I feel that I have nowhere else to go. Starting my own business isn’t a “I should”, it’s an “I must”. Yep you’ve guessed it… “it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when”. For me, it’s something I have attached to my identity & I won’t stop until I stop working for someone else & answer to me.

3: I understand “what” I need to do

I’ve researched my options. I’ve had valuable conversations with those I love & I am ready to commit to a conversation with a team that might be able to help me. I know what I need, I know why I want it, I just need to go out & get it now.

4: I’m not worried

I’m not naïve, or ignorant to that fact that this will be hard – far from it. But I’m not worried; I’m secure & committed to what I am looking to do. I know what I want to achieve, yes the logistics are a little bit unknown at the moment but that’s part of the fun.

5: I’ve got a superstar support network

I think if I mention that I “might” do this to my family one more time, I’ll be one outlawed individual! I know my family believe in me, I know they will support me & I know that, when things get tough, I will have them to fall back on & help drive me forward.

6: I know that SSG is not the only option

I’ve done my research. I am not going into this blind, I know what’s out there & (SSG hope) I know that SSG are the most appropriate route to work with me in my new venture. But then equally I know I would do it with or without them. I’m committed.
So, Mr. or Mrs. Recruiter - how may signs can you relate to?

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