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How to secure Top Talent for your Recruitment Start up

by Max Jones/ Monday 18th December 2017

Building the most talented team for your recruitment startup

For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know a little bit about my brother – a few years younger than me, but twice as good looking, twice as “big” & two hundred times better than me at football. Well, his academy team had a FA Youth Cup game last week & one of their “star” performers were injured for the big game.
Now to many “small” academies this would be their worst nightmare but watching the game last week, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how in-depth the squad was. I mean, for a relatively small academy (established as recently as 2004!) their ability to both hire & secure “top talent” for their squad was both plain to see & magnified in this game last week.
Fortunately, the team played spectacularly & managed to secure the win to progress to the next round – great news for my brother. Fortunately, sitting in the stadium with as many layers on as there are gatekeepers in any potential client a recruiter rings, I managed to think about what makes a fantastic team & in turn what makes a fantastic start up recruitment agency – great news for me.
& what became clear was that, for every small recruitment agency, their ability to hire & secure top-talent for their agency is & always will be such an integral part of any long-term success. So, how do they do this? How does a recruitment agency focus on securing top talent for their start-up agency?

Always be Hiring!

I know it sounds cliché, I know I sound like a broken record & I know you’re probably thinking – “oh thank you for the breakthrough thought Max, I’m glad I wasted the last minute of my life reading about your brother to be met with THAT”.
But hear me out.
The first pointer, for want of a better word, is based upon years & years of supporting small recruitment agencies & realising the first major sticking point of all fantastic agencies we support. You should always be recruiting, not necessarily hiring but recruiting in your agency should not be an afterthought made important by circumstance.
You must constantly be focussing on recruiting for your agency, courting potential talent & making sure you are constantly aware of the fact that at some stage in your business lifetime you will (maybe) need to recruit.

Flirt, approach, repeat

Recruiting for your own agency is often overthought.
Often too much focus is put on how NOT to approach a recruiter you want to work with, rather than focussing upon how to really make the most of the courting process.
Nike – you know, the Sports brand - & I have a fantastic relationship. They lure me in with their marketing techniques, they tempt me with re-marketing on Instagram & then they go for my heart & I find myself in the store buying yet another pair of “Flynits”. Sometimes it doesn’t work out & I get my heart broken – but I keep coming back.
Moral of the story? Much like recruiting top talent for your agency, quality talent is often in very high demand & therefore what is really going to make your agency stand out among the crowd is your ability to court your prospects, care for your prospects & continually show them why sacrificing some security & stability for the sake of joining your start-up will be the right thing to do.
How? Through making sure you have a strong social media presence, outlining how you work & why you do what you do. Through building your own personal network with no agenda other than just simply to expand, learn & grow. & thirdly, through making sure you understand what type of recruiter you are looking for, as each fantastic “type” of recruiter should be approached in their own way.
But I know you know that.

Know your value

A common mistake of small start-ups is that they don’t know their own value when going to the market place – which is, while very understandable, such a shame.
As a small recruitment agency, one of the common traps is that you aren’t as “picky” as you should be with your first or second hire – now I am not saying you can afford to be arrogant & ostracising to potential employees, I’m simply saying that as a start-up you should constantly know your value.
A success start-up is a lean, mean, fighting machine & your hiring process should reflect that; don’t be afraid to say no to people because “something” is just not quite right. Every unsuccessful applicant should be seen as a way of reaffirming what you know you want in your agency. The old “I mean they can do the job” saying should never be adopted, heck should be avoided (!), & instead start asking yourself “what can Candidates X tell me about what I don’t want in an employee” if the application is unsuccessful.
Remember – you’re a lean, mean fighting machine.

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