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Why are you ready to start your own Recruitment Business?

by Max Jones/ Friday 10th november 2017

Recruiting Passive Candidates: Is there a better way?

How long have you been thinking about starting your own recruitment business? Why do I ask that? Because I believe no one in their right mind would use the most valuable resource they have, their time, & invest it into reading a blog like this today – unless some part of you was toying with the idea of working for yourself & becoming your boss within recruitment. So, how long have you been contemplating the idea of working for yourself?

It’s an assumption I am pretty confident in making, but what I would not be confident in doing (having neither spoken nor meet you before) is assuming WHY you want to make this leap. & funnily enough, that’s what fascinates me & that’s what has always intrigued the team here at SSG. Why do so many fantastic recruiters leave the supposed security of employment, leave a commission scheme that may be favourable to them & start again, start from nothing, with the hope that they can build something for themselves.

What has become very clear over the years is that, those who really succeed – against their own matrix – in their own businesses are the ones who, for them, starting their own business had always been a dream for them. Becoming their own boss & running their own business to them is a dream, an aspiration, an absolute must.

What is it for you? Why do you want to start your own recruitment business?

While I don’t know you personally yet, I don’t know your story, having been supporting recruiters since the dark ages of 2003 SSG have seen our fair share of brilliant consultants. We’ve seen the traditional (& the not-so traditional) motivations that drive recruiters to start & grow their own recruitment businesses.

While each recruiter is very unique, the most common motivating factors that pull recruiters to the attraction of recruitment entrepreneurship are the following. We’d be interested to see if you can relate to any, if not all, of these:

I want to earn more money

I want to keep more of what I bill for myself, my loved ones & my family. After all, this was one of the reasons I wanted to get into recruitment in the first place. I know how much money I make for my employer & I want, heck I feel I deserve to see far more of that go into my pocket.  

I want the freedom & autonomy I deserve

I want the flexibility to work the hours I want & from wherever I want. I don’t want the strongest relationship I have in the week to be with the 06:45 commuters into London, Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere! I want the freedom to work with the clients I want, with the fee structure I know works & run the business in the way I aspire it to be run.

I feel frustrated a lot of the time

The billings are good, steady, consistent, sometimes even fantastic. The environment is relaxed, the culture is favourable & I don’t resent any of my colleagues (too much!). But still, I’m feeling frustrated &, to use the words of my spouse, a little bit “touchy”. Short term monthly success feels like just a plaster, a temporary solution to a long term issue. What’s missing?

I compromise over everything

I often feel that I am compromising in every area of my life. I either work hard at work & don’t get home in time to see my family, or leave work early & see my family but then I’m instantly in the “bad books” with the boss. I feel like I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place. I want a life where I can fully commit, 100% to my business. Knowing full well, at the same time I can fully commit my time, energy & passion to my family & loved ones whenever I want, knowing my focus will always be both on my business, & on them. Is that too much to ask?

I am ready for a new challenge

I say “new challenge”, but I really mean a “change”. I am sick & tired of the routine of working for someone else, the routine of commuting, the routine of KPIs, the routine of routines! I’m at stage in my life where change is a must, & where change must be a challenge that will drive me in the direction I’ve always wanted to someday go.

Understanding why you want to be your own boss & run your own recruitment company, is something that SSG has learned to value far more over the years, than any figures, projections or billing histories.

Can you relate to any of the above? Are you disturbed enough to make a change, take real action & commit the most valuable resource you have, your time, into talking to SSG about the options?

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