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Ready or not. You CAN go!

by MAX JONES / Monday 8th August 2016


I was driving along last night after a long but productive days’ work &, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the scenic route between Berkhamsted & Watford, but there’s a set of roundabouts in the town of Hemel Hempstead, infamously named, the “Magic Roundabout”. If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, but too scared to jump out of a plane, abseil down a cliff face or bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, then I would highly recommend visiting the roundabouts in HP1.

Why? Well quite simply, the sheer thrill & unpredictability of navigating your little box on wheels around not 1, not 2 but at least 5 roundabouts just to get to your exit, suitably increases your adrenaline so much that you’ll either be crazy enough to go that route again or NEVER travel in Hemel Hempstead ever again, ever. Much like the two degrees of emotion you tend to find people experiencing when they decide to leave the shackles of agency employment & venture out and start their own recruitment business.

In my eyes you’ve got two types of Entrepreneur. On the one hand, you’ve got entrepreneurs that love the feelings self-employment gives them. Everything from euphoria, to dismay, to ecstasy to sheer failure. They love them all. They’re the guys & girls who would actively search online for all the “Magic Roundabouts” in their area, & go round & round them until they get told to leave. They’re known as Entrepreneur A.

But then, on the other hand, you have entrepreneurs who like the idea of starting their own business, but in fact for them the reality is a whole lot different. They value certainty in life, but much like the magic roundabouts don’t give you this, starting your own venture gives you as much certainty as Liverpool winning the Premier League. They’re known as Entrepreneur B. Historically in our experience, Entrepreneur A succeeds & HP1 becomes their new home, while B decides to go back to agency work & never ever travel to Hemel Hempstead again, ever.

But how do you know if you’re an A or if you’re a B? While there is no perfect time to jump into the world of Entrepreneurship, there are signs that the leap is yours for the taking. Signs that will make the decision a whole lot easier than a simple analogy between roundabouts & business ownership.

For the rest of this blog today I would like to outline some of the 4 key signs that it could be time for you to start your own recruitment business.

1. Your job has lost its spark

I feel there are two main aspects of any job, no matter the market. There’s the science of achievement & the art of fulfilment. If you are reading this today then I have no doubt that you have achieved a lot in your recruitment career. That’s because there is a clear science to achieving in recruitment, rules that if you violate them you’re going to get pain & if you stick to them you’ll get success. But no matter how much achievement you get, if you’re not fulfilled in your role then you end up thinking what’s the point? If you lack fulfilment in your current role then perhaps it’s time.   

2. You’re not ignorant

You see it how it is. You don’t think that on day one you’re going to waltz into your own Business & make £20k in your first week. You don’t think that by month 2 you’ll have 3 branches, covering multiple sectors & rivalling the likes of Hays or Michael Page. But what you do know is that you’ll get what you put into your business & you know that’ll be blood, sweat & perhaps a lot of tears…

3. You’re exceptionally passionate

There are two types of driving forces in our lives. There is the push to do something & the pull to. Those that are pushed can only go so far. Have you ever had the experience of going to work each day because you HAVE to? You’re essentially pushed there through obligation to yourself, your family & your company. While this will get your foot through the door, push will only get you so far when it comes to entrepreneurship.

The only person accountable for things when you’re the boss is, well, you – the boss! Passion will pull you to achieving things no amount of push or momentum could. Be passionate & you will find yourself being pulled to your business, being pulled to making it a success.

4. Raving support system

Going it alone can be daunting, it can be isolating & it can be a lonely road. While you may be the only one legally tied to the Business, your support network of friends & family play a crucial role. If they have aligned themselves with your motivations, if they can see your desire & want to do this then you’re never really going to be alone. This could be anything from pitching in to screen candidates to physically going out there & getting new business. Or just someone to lean on when the going gets tough & to celebrate with when things are going great.

So I guess there’s one final question – are you ready?