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Recruiting Passive Candidates: Is there a better way?

by ash bennet/ monday 2nd october 2017

Recruiting Passive Candidates: Is there a better way?

As a top performing recruiter, it's tough to stay at the top of your game, especially when part of your strategy is recruiting passive candidates. It's a slow burn process but by engaging and communicating effectively with this community of rich and untouched talent, you can be sure that your billings will improve over time. So trust me, it's worth making the effort!

When engaging with a passive candidate, recruiters should learn to steer away from old-fashioned techniques because remember, your objective as a recruiter is to be noticed by your target audience. New technology continues to challenge the way we work and in effect determines the recruitment process. My advice would be to make the right choice when considering how you’re going to approach these guys.

So, here are 4 practical ways (and if you put your mind to it) relatively easy steps you can take to attract and engage with potential passive candidates.

Social Media

It’s so easy to be left behind the curve on this one. So, in order to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the right candidates, it’s imperative that you’re making the best use of your social platforms. Social media offers numerous opportunities to network. It also allows you to distribute the content you create on a much wider scale. My advice here would be to really think carefully about the content you decide to publish. The digital footprint that you create is vital when recruiting passive candidates.

Searching within the passive community is one of the keys to social recruiting. This is especially true when trying to find niche candidates. If you think about it, these guys aren’t on the job boards. They’re not registered with multiple agencies and their career is most probably going well for them. They're most probably in their comfort zone.

Before they contemplate on engaging with you, they’ll research you and your business through all different sorts of channels. They will try to gather information so that they’re well informed and when they’re ready, they’ll reach out, but most of the time, it’s gonna be on their terms.

I can’t really say that one particular social platform is better than the other. It depends on what market and which sector you’re working in. You’ve probably got a good idea of where your candidates ‘hang out’ online but if you haven’t already, it’s worth researching.

Your Content

It’s important that you keep content flowing and that it’s relevant to your target audience. Don’t just post something for the sake of it. A valuable tool you could use is a recruitment blog. Branding yourself can help develop a consistent message. In turn, this could act as a magnet when attracting passive candidates. It’s important that you’ve defined your content marketing strategy before posting on your social channels and to also vary the content and tone of your message, according to the format in which you present it and also the platform you decide to publish it on.

Effective Communication

Communicating effectively with candidates is key when it comes to retaining and nurturing top talent. Recruitment is a process (we all know that of course) but the human aspect of recruiting can often be left behind at the door. At any stage of the process, you can lose a candidate because you reject them or they reject you! So, it’ s important that once you engage with a candidate and listen to what motivates them.

Now, if I was feeling bold, I’d say a lot of people have forgotten the importance of face-to-face communication. There’s nothing quite like meeting someone in person. Why is this? Well, in my opinion, not only do you establish an immediate connection by meeting someone in person, you also build a trust and rapport and still for many, it’s the easiest way to communicate. Call me old-fashioned, but at heart, I'm an old school recruiter.

Your Job Postings

Statistically, the more potential candidates that view your job, the greater the chance of high calibre candidates applying, right? An important part of getting your jobs noticed is using keywords. My advice would be to try not to use typical clichés, and buzzwords. Writing effective copy that appeals to the passive candidate is so important. It might be worth taking your time and coming up with a well-crafted advert. Something that is DIFFERENT that compels the reader. For example, you might want to focus on the opportunities for progression with your client or why your client is different from the rest of its competitors. It might not be this, it might be just the style in which you write your advert may be slightly ‘quirky’ in some way that helps it stand out!

The key here is that a job advert should engage the candidate from the start. Remember, it could be the first and maybe the last impression they might have of your job vacancy.


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