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Let's get positive: Our guide to improving office morale

by Matt Woodhouse/ Wednesday 4th october 2017

Two people chatting over a desk, discussing positive ideas, making the office a happy place, improving morale

Nobody wants the mood in the office to stink.

There could be 101 reasons for this (if not more), it doesn’t matter. That negative feeling in the office can have a significant effect on the output of the team. It doesn’t matter if you are a junior member of the team, or the boss – this is not good for anyone. It’s time to turn that frown around and here is how to help put on a happy face!


This is an easy one to start with! Time and again, the positive effects of music on the brain have been shown to increase output and increase the happy hormones in our blood. I can’t tell you what radio station to put on, this is really down to you and your team. But music really can have a positive effect on everyone’s mood – so turn on that dial.


“Lets all try to be positive and get through this”. Hands up who has heard this at work. But does it work? No! You have to do a little more that decide to be happy. Convince yourself and everyone around you to start having positive thoughts. You need to force through a happy cycle of thinking to break the downward spiral you may have been caught in. Start by saying positive things, it starts small. Compliment a colleague on some work they have done. Say you like their hair – it doesn’t matter – just get the happy vibes going


I’m not talking about sending everyone on a team building exercise where the team built rafts and races them. It can be much smaller than that. Maybe the team just needs to spend a little social time together – a team lunch or drinks after work. It doesn’t have to be a big “thing” just a little work mood enhancement exercise. And if the boss pays – bonus!!


Pool tables, ping pong, I have seen them all. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but maybe you can make a tiny little effort to relax the work force. Little games, who’s going to win at Wimbledon sweep stake. Office fantasy football league. Associate work with something fun and work will become fun!!


We are not talking Feng Shui, but rather small and subtle improvements to the office environment. Maybe you have a house plant at home that could brighten up the office? Do the walls need a quick lick of paint? Maybe buy a new seat for that poor member of the team who is sat on a stool all day. If the workplace is a nicer place to be, then your team will enjoy being there more.

This list in not exhaustive. Rather, it’s some pointers on how to get some good feelings back into your office. A happy office is a productive office!


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