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Live Chat – This summers must have

by MAX JONES / Wednesday 20th July 2016

Live Chat

In light of the mini-heatwave that has brought Britain to as much of a standstill as the great snow of 2009, I decided to seize the opportunity to do some online clothes shopping, After all, you can never have too many pairs of shorts or flip-flops can you (or the latest trend, those slider things!).

So with that in mind & the promise of even hotter days to come, I went to a popular online shop based out in America to order some clothes. Once I had filled my basket up with enough clothes to mean I’d have more month at the end of my money for the next year, I proceeded to confirm a delivery date. Woah – BIG mistake. The earliest time of arrival from America was 2-4 working days, 2-4 days. I would have to twiddle my thumbs & rehash old outfits that would make me look like I had as much variety in my outfit choices than Bart Simpson, for 2-4 days. No way Jose!

Now I don’t see myself as an unreasonable man both professionally & personally, but was I being a little unreasonable here? After a little bit of reflection the answer is of course yes. How can I expect that with a click of a button, my order would be sorted, put on a plane, travel 3465 miles, get transported around the M25, & delivered to my house all within 24 hours. I mean that is a little unreasonable if I say so myself.

But I guess the reason I assumed I would be able to get “next day delivery” was because we truly live in a world now where everything is at our fingertips. I mean no wonder more and more kids nowadays are being branded with ADHD. After all how can we expect a child to sit in a classroom & wait more than 10 minutes for an answer, while at home they would click a button on a laptop, tablet or phone & get the answer instantly? & it’s the same in the world of recruitment…

One of the most exciting new phenomenon’s to come to SSG Towers of late was the introduction of a LiveChat facility to the website. I mean you may have seen it pop up already as you read this. It has been a real hit with the guys we are looking to help & I guess the reason why is because of the world we live in right now. Gone are the days of email enquiries and, while nothing can really beat the age-old telephone, instant communication over the internet is becoming more and more important to both the candidates & the clients.

Is LiveChat the future? Yes. 100% yes. It is a tool that I have found invaluable to SSG since its introduction & while picking the phone up is still the sought to method of communication, having the ability to quickly & effectively deal with candidates over the website has become another mainstay in our procurement & retention arsenal.

Of course it is a massively expensive time investment. The greatest aspect of LiveChat is that it’s instant, which is fantastic because it allows you to answer & attend to any queries, inquiries or questions as soon as they arise. However while that may be the Mr. Jekyll of LiveChat, Mr. Hyde means that someone has to physically be sitting at their computer 24/7 to answer any potential chats that may come through. In my experience of using the facility, the “window of opportunity” with an enquiry on the SSG site has been around 10-15 minutes, after that people seem to get fed up, irritated & leave the site (although I assure you this has only happened once, before we realised you could transfer chats over to other users). But if you identify within your company that LiveChat is a powerful procurement & retention tool, then10 minutes to respond is 5 times more than what you will aim for. 

Another really useful aspect is that to physically start a LiveChat, the candidate must enter their email address. Once they do this, you have the ability to store that email address & then re-market killer content to that candidate through emailed collateral, webinars, podcasts, you name it – you can do it!

If you are reading this today on our website, I am sure my younger, fresher looking face has popped up (shame I don’t look like that now, I guess that’s what SSG does to you?). So if you have any questions about Live Chat, SSG or you just want to try the tool out then please send me an instant message & test my 2 minute response time! Go on, get the stopwatch out – I dare you.