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4 sure-fire signs it’s time to start your own business

by Max Jones/ Friday 11th May 2018

4 sure-fire signs it’s time to start your own business

Sometimes you just know, you know? You know what I mean? You just know that deep down you know that you know that really what’s going to make you happy isn’t what you are doing right now but that thing you’ve been thinking about for the last 5 years? Sometimes you just know when the timing is right, you know?

But just in case you don’t know, I’d like to take some time today to talk to you about 4 of the sure-fire signs that, deep down, show that you know that it’s time for you to start your own recruitment agency. Because after all, sometimes you just know, you know?...

My current job frustrates me

99.9% of the fantastic recruiters SSG speak to a daily basis cite frustrations in their current role as being an influencer in them looking at starting their own agency. Now, as I know you know, there is a difference between simply being frustrated in your role and looking for something new as opposed to feeling frustrated by elements of your role that have just become more magnified since you began to think about your own recruitment business.

100% of the individuals that cite frustrations at work as being part of why they are looking to start their own agency, feel this way because they have opened themselves up to start their own business and therefore these “little” issues are now more magnified.

It’s not about me, it’s about we

All successful recruitment entrepreneurs start their own agencies for others, more than just simply themselves, and that’s true, whatever stage of life a recruiter is in. Naturally, a recruiter with 3 kids and a spouse will, of course, be looking at starting their own agency to create a better life, present and future for their family. Likewise, those successful recruiters not yet at that stage of life (for example a 25-year-old recruiter, 4 years into the industry) are still motivated by the same things. It’s just they are more fixated on creating that vehicle before that family come along and while their personal risk is, arguably, a little lower than if they were to wait another 5-10 years.

I control my time

Autonomy. Freedom. Balance.

3 feelings that every recruitment business owner strives for in their own agency. Now a lot of recruiters, especially over the last 3 years or so, feel that they have autonomy, freedom and balance in their role and therefore it’s important to note that it’s not the lack of these three feelings that means someone should start their own agency; but moreover, it’s the importance someone holds against these three feeling that should really influence them.

Want to know if you are truly ready to start your own business?

How long do you spend, in a given day, thinking about what you would do differently in your own agency, how you would work different and how you would set your agency up differently? More than once a day? Perhaps it’s time to explore the option.

I just know…you know?

I would say a large majority of the recruiters we initially speak to here at SSG know that, at some stage in their career, they want to start their own agency. They might be unsure on when and how, but they know they will, and I guess the purpose of our conversations is to understand the “game plan”, understand the logistics and help them plan their strategy to get from knowing to taking action.

Serious recruitment entrepreneurs don’t just think about making what is the biggest career step you can possibly take, just every now and then. Serious entrepreneurs toy with the idea for months if not years; they talk to their family, they talk to their friends, they (in some cases) talk to SSG. All with the objective of making this dream a reality and declaring for themselves a course of action. That course might be something that would take 2 months, it might be something that would take 2 years – but they know where they are heading. 

Bottom line – they just know, you know?...


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