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The importance of being...

by Matt Woodhouse / Tuesday 19th September 2017

Finding candidates with the right character traits as a recruiter

Some people just have the knack to do certain things. You can train and coach staff to do certain tasks, certain skills, but under that, you have personality traits that you just can’t teach. Some people have them and some people don’t.

When you are on the search for a new member of staff you will need to look out for these traits. If you are looking for a sales person you might be looking for them to be quite forward and go-getting. If you are recruiting a legal secretary you are probably looking for a person with an eye for detail.

Whatever the role, here is a list of the top skills to look out for, that you just can’t teach:

1: Drive and Determination

What gives people drive and determination is different for everyone. Drive is the fuel for the machine that gets the work done. A member of staff might have all the skills they need in business, but if they don’t have the drive to get up and get the work done – it’s wasted. Are they motivated?

2: Honesty and Integrity

These two can often be confused as being the same thing, but in truth (see what I did there?), they are quite different. Honesty is quite simply, telling the truth and it’s obvious how important that is when it comes to taking on an employee. Integrity is a different beast, it’s all about doing things the right way. Integrity is important because if you are seen to do the right thing, to put your morals before profit – it will have a positive effect on your customers.

3: Resilience

How to you work when the chips are down and everything is against you? Do you knuckle down and push back, or to you give in and allow fate to defeat you? Resistance is all about sticking to the task at hand, staying focused and not giving up. This is a really important trait if the role has some negative side to it. Does the role involve taking a bit of flak from the public? Does it involve a lot of rejection? If so you need someone resilient, someone, who can take one on the chin and keep going.

4: Empathy

Some roles really need the employee to care about the customer, and this needs to come across. If someone is working in a customer services role, the customer doesn’t want to talk to a robot, they want to talk to someone who comes across as being really concerned for the customer. This can be a really helpful trait and can give a really good impression for your business.

5: Judgement and instincts

Put a group of people in a room on a Tuesday morning with tea and biscuits, give them 2 hours to discuss a problem and come up with a solution. They’ll probably get it right. Now take one person, put them on their own, at night with no sleep or food and give them 10 seconds to make the same decision. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but there are a whole number of roles out there where quick time (and I really do mean quick time) decisions need to be made. Someone with this characteristic can be a real benefit to your business if the role requires it.

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