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How to hire the best recruiters in 7 steps

by ASH BENNETT / MONDAY 18th September 2017

How to market your recruitment business to win clients and candidates

As a business owner, manager or team leader, your team will make or break your company. So, it's no surprise that recruitment businesses put so much time and effort into hiring the best. From making sure there is the right cultural fit to using social media, there are many tips to hiring the best recruiters.

The most reliable strategy is to accumulate the facts before, during and after hiring. This lets you match candidates with your objectives and needs. It provides you with trustworthy knowledge and helps you find true recruitment champions.

In just 7 steps, you can harness the power of knowledge driven recruitment.

Review your company goals

Every success story begins with defining precisely what your company is setting out to do. Ask yourself, what are my core objectives and who will help me meet them? Use the answers to create a profile of your ideal candidate that clearly outlines the experience, skills and qualities you need.

Make a plan

Building an awesome sales team shouldn’t be an accident. Do your homework to plan a detailed recruitment strategy. Research competitors and high performing companies to learn what works.

What makes top recruiters tick

Attracting and motivating top talent is the best investment you can make in your company. You need to know how high performers think, and money isn't always everything when it comes to job satisfaction. Figure out what really drives them. Use this information to build a ‘package’ that rewards success both financially and through status. Sponsoring trips to ‘sales conferences’ (aka incentive long-weekenders in Ibiza for top performers) is a popular favourite, or so I've heard!


To hire the best recruiters, you need to access a wide talent pool. This requires some effort, beyond traditional sources or using a Rec to Rec. Building social media into your networking plan is key. Don't forget the value of referrals and networking offline either. Top performers will often know other top performers.

Filter and focus

Use a rigorous screening process to filter out the less-qualified applicants early. Pre-qualify them with targeted phone interviews, and design your interviews to test their proficiency in the specific skills you want. If you can, gather a team of interviewers to benefit from multiple perspectives.

Encourage a learning philosophy

High-performers have a thirst for knowledge. You will attract and retain top recruiters by asking what skills they want to improve. Perhaps offer paid training courses or mentorships? You can reward achievements through learning and personal growth incentives too. Goal-focused employees will relish the chance to develop and learn, and you'll benefit from their enhanced skillset.

Retain your best recruiters

The hiring process doesn't end when you've found your perfect recruiters. Retaining your best performers and keeping them motivated and happy will improve their work and of course your retention rates. Take the time to formulate an effective plan tailored to your new employee. Your on-boarding process is an opportunity for you both to adapt to each other. It's also a chance to fill in any knowledge gaps. You can show them how much they can achieve in their new role and you can learn a lot more about them if you take the time to get to know them.

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