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Help SSG to identify budding Recruitment Entrepreneurs who would like to start their own recruitment businesses.

by ASH Bennett/ Friday 2nd March 2018

Help SSG to identify budding Recruitment Entrepreneurs who would like to start their own recruitment businesses

We are now looking for a key player to join our investment division. This individual will be responsible for promoting & presenting what SSG has to offer to the Recruitment Community. Based in our lovely Berkhamsted office, with ample parking in the surrounding areas, your role will consist of sourcing, talking & working with recruiters looking at the SSG offering.

We Are SSG are looking for a motivated, friendly, outgoing individual to join the team here. Ideally someone with a passion for sales, a love for people & that famous “can do” attitude. You must be dynamic, keen to learn & focussed upon the task in hand. We want someone who is interested in the world of entrepreneurship & feels comfortable on the phone. 

►Blimey, are you bored yet? Because I know I am. Can we stop this generic waffle & be honest for a bit?◄

☛ Great. Now for something completely different…

★ Up to £30,000 + Bonus Payments
★ An outrageously exciting & exceptionally different role
★ It’s not “pure” Recruitment, it’s not “pure” sales, instead it’s New Business & Investment

So, what actually is the role?

Over the years SSG have steadily grown, year on year we have begun to work with more & more exceptional Recruiters who we have had the pleasure of supporting in their own agencies.

Naturally, with that growth, the team at SSG has had to grow - & for us, that’s just fantastic. The Investment division of the business (a fancy way of saying – the Sales Team) is one team that has & is always looking to expand, grow & develop.

We are looking for an individual to come & join our merry band of SSG Brothers who will be responsible for promoting & presenting the fantastic offering of SSG to the wonderful Recruitment Community. 

Through social media platforms, website productions & a referral network (that we respect you may not have yet) we would hope that that individual would come into SSG HQ, based in Berkhamsted (with famous local landmarks like The Gatsby, St Peters Church & the new favourite – Paperchase), & help the team identify experienced recruitment consultants, talk to recruitment consultant & work alongside the investment division here to mentor, guide & advise recruiters during the start-up phase of their agencies.

So, who are we actually looking for?

We used to think expressing what we were actually looking for was tricky & we used to think that expressing who we were actually looking for was equally as tricky.

But honestly – it’s not. We know exactly the type of superstar we want & we just hope that, reading this today, you are able to identify with the below & perhaps be tempted to explore the option a little more.

Skill Set 1: These are the Personal attributes you must have to succeed in this role.

⇨ You will be outrageously relentless in whatever you do, whether that be in your career or on a personal level, you will be persistent, unyielding & tenacious.

⇨ You will be resolute, to some extent stubborn, in getting the results not only your team want, but more importantly you set yourself.

⇨ You will be one of those people that people just don’t “get”. In other words, someone who is so focused, so dedicated & so driven that sometimes, for those not playing the game at that level, it might come across a little bit intense.

⇨ You will be personable, friendly & firm in your interaction with others. You will need to be anecdotal – someone who isn’t afraid to go “off script”. Be the type of person that understands that the best way to help someone, is to chat, have a conversation & let that conversation dictate the direction of the discussion. You’re not a regurgitator of “this is what we do & this is how we help”.

⇨ You will, therefore, hold very highly in your psyche, this unrelenting dedication to trying to understand before being understood yourself.

⇨ You will be career driven & be driven by an unrelenting intent to be successful in whatever it is you do. Your objective in this role would be to take it, learn it, develop it & expand your own traits to then grow within SSG further.

Skill Set 2: These are the Professional attributes you must have to succeed in this role.

⇨ You might be from a recruitment, sales or consultancy background. Is it the be all & end all if you haven’t? No, not at all.

⇨ You might understand a little bit about Recruiters, where they “hang out” & how you might look to operate within the role like this. Is it the be all & end all if you don’t just yet? No, not at all.

⇨ You will understand the importance of building rapport, being relationships quickly & effectively & allowing our applicants to trust & believe in you.

⇨ You will understand how important it is to be great on the phone, empathetic, open, chatty, focused, casual, serious, friendly, available & intent on helping our applicants – whether that be over the phone, over social media or face-to-face.

What’s the Plan of Action?

If you genuinely believe you are someone who is persistent, unyielding & relentless. Someone who is focussed, dedicated & personable. & someone who is flexible, appreciates the value of rapport & is humble in what they do – then here’s the plan for you.

Take a look at the Linked In profiles of some of our current team (David Jones, Laura Mould, Ash Bennett and Max Jones), re-read the above & make sure you understand what it really is we are looking for & then give Ash Bennett (01442 200960) or Max Jones (01442 200946) a call & have a chat.

If you genuinely believe in the above, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain (I had to end this with a cliché, you know I did!).

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