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Should we be becoming even more social?

by MAX JONES / Friday, 22nd April 2016

Heineken Campaign

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years (& if you have, then congratulations. I’ve never found any on the market with the space I really wanted, so I might have to give you a call after this!), the call for employers to “go social” is becoming a talking point of meetings, phone calls & even skype sessions! Yet even then, it’s a phenomenon still very much on the peripherals of the recruitment world, but should it? Should we instead become even more social, after all tweeting & “facebooking” can’t be all there is?!

In the last week or so, Heineken have certainly tried to bring the world of recruitment into the social age once & for all with their brand new “Faces of Heineken” campaign. The main idea behind this campaign is to turn its recruitment method on its head. Its aim is to use video interviewing as part of an effort to streamline its recruitment process. It launched its campaign at the back end of last month, showcasing real employees of the beer & pub company working across its business. When the firm was asked about the campaign it said its purpose was to help modernize its recruitment process across board & make it easier for all levels of candidates to access the roles they offer, in the most convenient and personal way possible. Seems like a good idea to me?

In a recent interview made by The Recruiter, a spokesperson for Heineken said that streamlining the firm’s recruitment process would result in a smoother internal recruitment procedure, it would encourage more collaboration between departments, and would turn interviews and contracts around faster and more efficiently. SSG would go one step further & say that the move presents a positive shift in big firms’ recruitment processes and while the mere “CV” is becoming less and less personal by the day, the need for fresh new ways of interviewing are always welcome.

So perhaps you should dig out your password to your old Skype account that you’ve really used & take a leaf out of Heinekens book and see if video interviewing is a route for you and your recruitment venture. With our professional hats on we seriously think it’s a fantastic step in the right direction for recruitment & would actively recommend the method of interviewing and meeting up with candidates. While with our “not so serious” hats on, we still think it’s a great idea! After all when we the last time you could have a face-to-face conversation with a candidate & still have your pyjamas bottoms on…