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Garth Wills Recruitment – A year on…

by Max Jones / Friday 9th December 2016

Garth Wills

So, at the start of this week I had a chat with Sharon Phillips.

Sharon is Managing Director of Garth Wills Recruitment & after 25 years in agency employment Sharon decided to make the tantalising leap from employee to “Business Owner”.

Here’s what we discussed when we had a chat at the start of this week…

1) Why did you decide to launch your own recruitment business? 

I had thought about it, debated and dreamed of it on many occasions during my 25 years in recruitment. I felt frustrated that in an average week so much time was spent not doing “Recruitment”, It was spent on everything else but! Meetings, reports, meetings about reports and meetings to discuss the next reports! I guess I got to the point where I thought it’s now or never, and decided to take the leap. 

2) What had stopped you in the past? (what concerned you about starting up on your own?)

I have always been front-line customer facing with both clients and candidates, the thought of the back office “stuff” put me off, and of course the financial side of the initial set up and on-going costs.

3) Did you look at any other options before deciding to launch with SSG? 

Yes. I had considered 2 other options, however after meeting David, my instinct was SSG would offer the support that I needed but more importantly I liked the honest and open approach. I had recommendations from a trusted ex-colleague, who was working with SSG which helped me reach my decision.

4) How did you find the launch process with SSG? 

Great, I have said it before. Everyone has been so supportive and it took such a burden from my shoulders in the early days (and still does). I had more confidence in what I was doing as advice was always at hand when I needed it. That, I feel, is one of the major advantages of working with SSG - it’s not just the practical solutions, but advice from all corners! 

5) What challenges have you faced being a Recruitment Entrepreneur? 

One of my questions to David when we met was “What reason do most New Start Ups fail in the first 12 months?” He said working alone is up there! I have to say that was certainly a major challenge for me initially however I have arrangements in place with other Recruiters who work on a similar basis to myself and we have worked together on projects, we catch up through the week and meet monthly to discuss our strategy, plans and to discuss challenges.

6) What elements have been “easier” than you thought? 

The “squeeze” I knew that without a monthly salary coming in things would be tight, and quite frankly there were times I was floored with panic! However, you learn to manage, to cut costs and if you really want to make it work, you will always find a way!

7) What advice would you give someone thinking about starting up on their own? 

Do your homework, research your options, and seek advice form others who have done it. But most importantly trust your “gut”. My instinct paid off for me without hesitation I made the right decision!

Since making the transition from employee to Business Owner, Sharon has really relished the highs & lows to entrepreneurship. SSG are privileged to be supporting such an experienced, focus individual & we can't wait to see how the next couple of years unfold.

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