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Which Game of Thrones character are you?

by MAx jones/ Thursday 21st September 2017

Which Game of Thrones character are you?

I’ve got a confession to make. It’s been something that I have always bottled up inside me & something that I’ve never been fully comfortable talking about. So, naturally, I felt that the best & safest environment for me to first make public this confession would be on the SSG website. Makes sense – doesn’t it?

That confession is that I am in an intimate relationship with a “non-believer”; a women who rejects Westeros, Dragons & Iron Throne more than she rejects the concept of watching Manchester United vs Burton Albion on the television while I tap away furiously writing this blog tonight. Long story short, she hates Games Of Thrones – not sure why, we’ve had it tested & the Doc’ says there’s no cure. Shame, real shame but I guess it’s one of those things I’ve got to take on the chin & all joking aside, very happy that I’ve been able to get that confession off my chest through this blog.

So we were having this debate this evening again about Game of Thrones & I was also talking about We Are SSG & the Entrepreneur we were just fortunate enough to launch & how that individual was so different to another we launched this week as well; & it got me thinking – if the Game of Thrones was actually a game of Entrepreneurship, who would win?

Essentially, what Game of Thrones Entrepreneur would you be?

1: The Growth Driven Entrepreneur - Daenerys Targaryen

You’re the type of Entrepreneur that knows exactly what they want, why they want it &, while they’re a little unsure about how to get there, BOY do you know you want the biggest & bestest recruitment agency ever. They want to break the cycle of poor agencies, break the stigma attached to the recruitment industry & re-invent the way to build a recruitment empire. If you’re anything to do with this Entrepreneur, watch out – things are going to get heated.

2: The Holistic Entrepreneur – Ned Stark

You’re the type of Entrepreneur that is driven not so much by themselves or what starting their own recruitment business can do for them, but by their family. They are motivated by what working for themselves can give them, the freedom, the flexibility, the autonomy to fit their business around their loved ones. Just remember to keep your head screwed on – it’s a tough dynamic to achieve.

3: The Under-Estimated Entrepreneur – Tyrion Lannister

You come from a family of achievers; Entrepreneurship is something that you have seen within your family time & time again & it’s something that you’ve always thought you would do better with than your siblings. You’re the type of Entrepreneur who has always wanted to find their purpose in their career & finds themselves at an exciting crossroads – do you remain in the supposed security of employment or do you send a metaphorical crossbow through the heart of employment once & for all.

4: The Entrepreneur has no name – Arya Stark

You’re the type of Entrepreneur who is not in the game of Entrepreneurship for the accolades; you’re in the fantastic game because you feel within yourself a genuine calling to build a recruitment agency based on trust & integrity. The asset value & reputation of your agency is massively important to you & the sense that you can build something for your family & make those around you proud is an immense driving force for you. You’re not afraid to wear many hats as you travel through the life of your recruitment business. Only issue? – you can never order a Starbucks ever again.

5: The untapped Entrepreneur – John Targaryen

You’re the type of Entrepreneur who has always been told that this was never something for them. But someone who, over the years of working for someone else in an agency that you felt trapped in, has begun to realise their true inner potential & rightful place as a Recruitment Entrepreneur. You know your market, you know your strengths, you know your weakness & you know the power of leveraging those weakness with a team behind you – after all, who said you knew nothing?

So  - how about you?

What type of Entrepreneur are you?

What type of recruiter have you been & what type of recruitment entrepreneur do you want to be?

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