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Entrepreneurial Wizardry – 5 magical questions

by MAX JONES / Thursday 18th August 2016


Do you remember when, in the first book of the Harry Potter series, Harry & The Dursleys were driven out of their home at Number 4 Privet Drive by what was essentially an angry postman. They left sunny Surrey & sought refuge in a slightly remote island off the coast of England in a dire attempt to run from the magic of Hogwarts. Although as we all know, you can never run from Hogwarts. If you dare try; a 9ft tall, bearded figure waving an umbrella will come, break your door down, turn your silly cousin into a Pig & tell you what you already knew - you’re a Wizard…

Of course I’m talking about Hagrid & Harry. And much like Hagrid awoke a sleeping giant within Harry that he always knew was there but was never quite sure how to harness, becoming an Entrepreneur is very similar. I am yet to talk to a recruiter, who we end up supporting, who could say with absolute certainty that they hadn’t always felt they were capable of becoming a Recruitment Entrepreneur. My aim today is to be your Hagrid. To be the guy who talks to the “little man” on your shoulder, who has always tempted you & teased you about becoming your own boss but who you have always disregarded for one reason or another.

At some point in the career cycle of any successful recruiter they will face a scary crossroads. Many opt to go straight on & carry on running the same patterns they have done for years prior, working hard for someone else, picking up a nice basic salary & enjoying the occasional spike in commission. It’s safe, it’s known, and it’s the path of least resistance.

But some choose to turn left or right. A path not yet trodden, not mapped out & not certain. It’s a risk & they know it, but they trust in their own ability to navigate their way through a much more challenging but rewarding route.

If you’re leaning right or your inner giant is pushing you left, you must ask yourself a couple of questions. After all, do you think Hagrid just clicked his fingers & Harry Potter left the security of his home in Surrey & ventured into the world of magic without a second thought? Ok maybe he did, but this is you we’re talking about, this is real life!

So what 5 things MUST you consider before picking up the phone & talking to SSG?

1. Can you do it?
Sounds simple enough! Are you a good recruiter? Have you got the ‘recruiting nack’, the contacts, the scope? Essentially, can you make a placement? Can you manage a desk? Can you build relationships? Only you know!

2. Are you professionally ready?
Do you know what it takes to bring on new business? To win a client, to win a candidate? Are you ready to both bring on & service business? Are you ready for the 360 experience…?

3. Are you domestically ready?
I don’t doubt you’ve asked your partner about this not once, not twice, but enough times to literally drive them to insanity! Family behind you, ready to catch you if you fall. Do you have a treasure chest set aside for the ‘baked bean period’ and laptop installed with Office & Windows. Any other areas? Maybe SSG can give you a little background on common issues and super solutions to make sure you are domestically ready…

4. Finances? Check.
Recruiters going through the process with SSG have a completely free launch facility offered to them. Which naturally means they aren’t inundated with start-up costs that would sink even the most buoyant of start-ups! So what do you need to “check”? Well, an average SSG Perm Recruiter will have money in the bank after three months and an average SSG Temps guy will have access to GP after 3 weeks. So, here’s the basic maths – work out what you need to cover the basics and multiply by either 3 months or 21 days! Check?

5. Are you a nice person?
Slightly odd one? Funnily enough way back in 2003 we thought the same. But we’ve found over the last 13 years this is the most important factor for us here at SSG. At the end of the day, placements aside, targets buried & projections thrown to the sharks – will SSG & the new recruiter get on? Are you honest, humble, open & keen to engage with SSG on a regular basis to help drive your business in the direction you want? And more importantly, do you feel comfortable & happy with us?

There’s nothing worse than working with people you don’t like, trust me I do it on a regular basis with the team here at SSG (only joking, hee hee!).

So Mr or Mrs Recruiter – are you ready to jump on your broomstick & head to Hogwarts or would you rather stay in your cupboard under the stairs? Again, only you know.