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Why Email isn’t Effective in Recruitment

by ash bennett/ tuesday 17th october 2017

a recruiter's client drowning under a mountain of emails

Lately, I'm finding that email is becoming less and less effective.

Of course, we all still use email at work, but many of those conversations that once took place in email have moved to other platforms. From LinkedIn In-mails to WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger. I’ve even heard that SnapChat is making waves for some recruiters!

The point here is that the way we’re communicating is forever evolving and because of this, we’ve changed the way we work, engage and search for jobs. Our conversations are more of an interactive experience than an exchange of monologues, our attention spans have been shortened and we’ve come to expect that the information we need will be right at our fingertips.

That’s is just the way we are now.

Why Don’t Recruiting Emails to Candidates Work?

Of course, each platform has its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, most of us will never use SnapChat for serious business conversations or Facebook Messenger. This means that while many of our conversations are happening outside our inbox, email will still be a viable communication resource in the future. The problem is that in it’s current state, email isn’t effective in recruiting and hiring.

Recruiting emails to candidates don’t work for a lot reasons. Moving forward, our email communications must reflect the way our candidates are communicating in the other parts of their lives.

Take a look at these five tips for improving your response rate and engagement level with email.

Keep it simple

A long, drawn-out email won’t do anymore. People don’t have the time or attention span to read a five-paragraph message, so keep it short, sweet and to the point. You can expound upon your points later and create an interactive conversation.

Spell things out

People are mobile, so draft your message accordingly and spell things out. Give them what they need right there. Think of how you use your mobile phone and use that to guide your decisions.

Use your real email address

No one likes being asked to interview, only to later receive a generic thank you message that says it’s from “do not reply.” People like connecting with people, so use your actual, real address. I guarantee it’s not as time consuming as you might think and will lead to better results.

Do your research

When you’re sending a candidate an email, do your research and customise the email uniquely to the person. They are more likely to respond to a custom message that grabs their attention, especially in a candidate driven market. Don’t sent a blind mass email to 75 candidates and then be frustrated when no one responded. Candidates are human beings who want to feel special.

Do your research not just about the candidate but also work to really understand what the job requirements are. Anyone can do recruiting but being successful at recruiting requires good relationships, moving faster and most importantly doing the work.

Provide information

Attach links to additional resources and information your potential candidate might be interested in. You can also make your email stand out by providing them with access to an ‘Intro’ video that includes information about you, your business or the clients you work with.

There is no magic formula, but I can tell you that emails are still an effective way to reach potential candidates. They key is to ensure your messages are controlled and personalised.

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