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Desire Recruitment Solutions – A Year On…

by Max Jones / Thursday 22nd December 2016


Last month, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with one of our ventures, Desire Recruitment Solutions. Desire is headed up by the experienced Sam Barnes, & has been trading now for just over a year. Sam & I had the opportunity to discuss how she has found the first year of trading & the challenges & successes those last 12 months have brought her.

1. Why did you decide to launch your own recruitment business?

I was at the stage in my life when I really needed a better work/life balance due to family commitments.  I was also inspired by my partner’s family members, who had already successfully run their own business for over 20 years. 

Honestly, I just felt really undervalued in my previous role so with all this combined, I decided the time was definitely right for me to start my own business.

2. What had stopped you in the past? (what concerned you about starting up on your own?)

I think self-belief and confidence had previously stopped me, plus the fear of not having a regular monthly income.  I was also unware or companies like this& the factoring side of things, so I was concerned about how I would pay my temps. 

I didn’t know where to start in setting up my own business so was so glad when I discovered SSG.

3. Did you look at any other options before deciding to launch with SSG?

I looked at starting completely on my own but didn’t know where to start.  From the first meeting I had with SSG and doing my research, I knew SSG was the right company for me to work with as they are experts in what they do and the service that they provide.

4. How did you find the launch process with SSG?

The launch process was a very exciting time for me!!! 

From learning accounts, to choosing my company name and logo and providing content for my website.  I learnt a lot during this time and also had the support I needed from SSG to make the process seamless and easier than I originally thought.

5. What challenges have you faced being a Recruitment Entrepreneur?

So, for me there have always been 3 main challenges. Challenges that are very personal to me. These are:

• Dealing with quieter periods in the industry

• Adapting to working on your own when use to an office environment

• Not being able to switch off

6. What elements have been “easier” than you thought?

I think just the whole launch phase and process was a lot easier than I thought. The physical invoicing of my end client & keeping myself focussed & motivated, again were “easier” than I thought before I made the jump.

7. What advice would you give someone thinking about starting up on their own?

I think if any element of you wants to do it, then you should back yourself & do it. Believe in yourself, do your research & once you’ve made the decision to jump then do it!

With the year coming to an end, it was a great opportunity to understand how the last year has been for Sam & the team at Desire. Sam is a fantastic example of a recruiter who wanted to start their own business because of the lifestyle it could create for her & her loved ones. A motivating force that, historically, we have really seen helps drive Business Owners forward during the trickier times of being a Recruitment Entrepreneur. So, as ever, a massive thank you to Desire for all their hard work over the least year & here’s to a successful Yr2 & beyond!