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Company Culture: 10 Tips to Work in Your Happy Place

by ASH BENNETT / Tuesday 12th September 2017

Company Culture Emotions - Find your happy place

What does your Happy Place look like? Like Mr. Gilmore, would it include your better half holding pitchers of beer or your Nan winning the lottery and your best mate impersonating Richard Carpenter on a grand piano? Great company culture can become a reality if you really want it. It is easier than you might think to build one so how about starting with these 10 tips:

Chew the cud

Building a great company culture takes time. It’s worth setting aside a few minutes frequently and actively trying to come up with ideas to make some improvements. I’m sure that if you did this regularly and involved colleagues, you will eventually end up with some really good ideas.

Keep the faith

Reminding yourself of the company’s values is a great way to internalise them and remember why they're important to the success of your team. Company culture will evolve the more you stay true to your values.

Purpose and passion perfects performance

Find out what’s important to your team. Where's the common ground between what they want to achieve and the company’s aspirations? The better you understand your team’s goals, the better you can help your team see the purpose of what they do.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty and transparency is the key to building a strong company culture, internal network and engaged employees. If you practice honest behaviour, that should shine through.

Remember please and thank you

Employees like to be recognised and rewarded for their valuable contributions. A little thank you goes a long way. It must be sincere and not over egged. Companies that exercise appreciation, tend to have an enriched company culture and lower turnover rates.

Namaste yoga

Modern organisations understand the value of practicing flexibility. Flexible working options are attractive to many employees. This can significantly benefit both employers and employees. It can improve morale and even reduce turnover.

Teamwork makes the dream work

It takes two flints to make a fire, as they say. Whatever you're into, shared hobbies and activities can help build strong social bonds that help unify teams and exhibits a team atmosphere. It only takes a minute to go ask a colleague if they're available.

Share your thoughts

Employees don’t get enough regular feedback and when they do its often ambiguous or factitious. It’s vital to give honest and constructive feedback so they understand when and why they’re doing well, and how to rectify it when they’re not.

Build trust

If you empower your employees and embrace autonomy, it will aid trust and help your team grow from being just held accountable to encouraging ownership. This will in turn develop confidence.

Cultivate rapport

Think about the physical environment in your organisation. Is it conducive to building strong relationships? If it isn’t, create some areas that promote positive interaction.


Happiness is so much more than a state of mind - it's a way of life, and it breeds productivity and motivation.


If you know anyone who would benefit from these words of wisdom... Remember that sharing is caring!