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Are you the Recruitment Database Superstar that SSG need?

by Max Jones / Friday 31st March 2017


Help SSG grow their recruitment network of budding Recruitment Entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business

Up to £22,000 basic
Wonderful opportunity for a recent graduate 
Friendly, encouraging & motivated office environment

If you are a recent graduate or in the early stages of your career & you genuinely want to do something challenging, creative & progressive; then maybe (just maybe!) this is the right opportunity for you. Who knows!

“WeAreSSG” provides a completely free recruitment business launch & on-going support facility for motivated Recruitment Consultants. Since 2003, SSG has launched over 250 new recruitment businesses across 34 different market sectors. We are experts in all things recruitment & nothing else. Don’t ask us to build you a car, we’d be terrible! But a recruitment business…! We are not a Recruitment business – we are a support business for Recruiters.

We are now looking for, what we feel, will be an invaluable asset to the growth & progression of our merry band. We are looking for an individual who will be responsible to building & managing a database of motivated recruiters who might (one day!) want to start their own recruitment business.

Now for something completely different…

This is not a process-driven role.
This is not a Recruitment Consultant role.
This is not a HR role.

It is a weird & wonderful mixture of them all. It takes an individual with a set of immensely process-driven skills, who is relentless, passionate & focussed on the objective in hand. It is about learning & understanding the nature of Recruiters – what would make them want to start their own business & are we the right fit for them. It’s about being an intricate mix of undeniable focus & commitment to the task in hand, but also having the creativity, vision & drive to adapt & progress in the role.

This is not an easy job!

But look, before you finally give up & call it a day, please just spend 5 minutes or so looking at what we need – it might just be the most important 5 minutes of your life!

What’s the role then?

► To build a database of top-quality Recruiters based in the UK, utilizing resources like the Job boards, LinkedIn & the like
► To work closely with the New Business Development team to help identify Recruitment Entrepreneurs
► To grapple with re-marketing to those Recruiters
► To generate marketing materials and social media content.
►To Build undeniable rapport with these Recruiters over a prolonged period of time
► To progress into the procurement aspects of SSG (if you want!)

Why would you want to do this?

► It is a new opportunity within the development of SSG
► It is a genuinely exciting, different & challenging role
► It is a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow & develop your own skills surrounded by a team of experts
► It’s a progressive direction for your career & will utilize everything that you feel you are & not just your “job skills”
► It’s a chance to be part of a wonderful, motivated, focussed mob based in a lovely office in the heart of Berkhamsted

Who are we looking for?

► An outgoing, caring, funny, self-deprecating, understanding & friendly individual 
► A background around (but not limited to) marketing, IT or media
► An individual with interests outside the world of work (make sure you aren’t a robot!)
► An ultra-professional individual with the drive & passion for progression
► A relentless commitment to detail, process & creativity    

Sounds simple enough, right? But this is far from it. This is not normal. You’ve got to be something very special to want to be part of something so important, something so valuable to SSG. You have to be the right person for SSG, but more importantly – SSG have to be the right guys for you!

Not to mention you have to be able to work closely with one of the New Business Development team here at SSG. He will be responsible with helping you utilize the skills I know you already have, alongside helping you successfully build that database of Recruiters.

So, before you do anything – what should you do?

Visit our pages on the site & read about what we do!
Watch the videos, read the content & think carefully about if we appear to be the right cultural fit for you.
Visit the LinkedIn profile of Max Jones (the chap you’ll be working closely with)
Visit the LinkedIn profiles of the far better looking, funnier & friendlier employees of SSG
► Ask yourself, do I feel SSG can offer me the support, progression & environment - I know is important to me?

So, if you are vaguely interested in this unique opportunity & feel the need to make an important career change or progression, then in the first instance have a talk to Max Jones. You can find him on LinkedIn or simply give him a call!