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SSG - A Bakers Dozen

by MAX JONES / Wednesday 24th August 2016

A Bakers Dozen

SSG has been helping recruitment consultants start their own businesses for around a “Bakers Dozen” years now & over the last 13 years it’s safe to say we know a little bit about what it takes to be a Recruitment Entrepreneur. While there is not one tried & tested recipe in creating the perfect candidate, there are certain elements that I wish to explore today & perhaps you can see similarities between our recipe & yourself.

I mean if, like me, you religiously watched “The Great British Bake Off” on the BBC last Autumn, and I mean religiously – I mean your Wednesday was never anything other than sitting in front of the TV at 8pm sharp, watching Paul Hollywood (and that questionable goatee) waltz around that tent & longingly urging him to give just one more Baker that famous “Hollywood Handshake” – then you’re probably having Bake off anxiety, am I right? Worried that the dizzy heights of last year will not be surpassed by this year’s fresh batch of Baking Recruits. 

Now I’m NOT saying I can truly fill that void within yourself, or give you brand new Bake Off content every Wednesday till the day you die – no, sometimes life doesn’t work out the way it should. But what I can offer you, is something a bit more sustainable, a bit more tangible, a bit more real… I can offer you a loose analogy between the Great British Bake Off & starting your own recruitment business. Drawn from our expertise around launching & supporting recruiters & our love of GBBO (!).

So, this is SSG’s “showstopper”, we’re Paul Hollywood and yes you can be Nadia (because after all, everyone loves Nadia!).


  • 1 enthusiastic, driven & motivated Recruitment Consultant
  • At least 2 years recruitment experience
  • 1 Entrepreneurial mind-set
  • Loads of “get up and go”
  • A sprinkle of SSG

First, take the Recruitment Consultant and mix them together with at least 2 years recruitment experience. You’ll need to knead it, work it & be patient. We’re creating a masterpiece here after all!

Add the entrepreneurial mind-set, which is very different for each recruiter, therefore there are no measurements here just “gut-instinct”. You need to identify what motivates you, why it motivates you & what you want out of this "showstopper". 

And now for the twist… add a sprinkle of SSG, which includes the launch and on-going support of your very own recruitment business. A mixture of experience, innovation, expertise & support that will turn your “Cake”, into a “Showstopping Masterpiece” that will leave Paul Hollywood both dumbfounded & speechless.

Make sure the process is right for you. Review it alone, review it with friends & review it with family. You’ll only bake this masterpiece once, so let’s make sure it’s perfect from the get go.

Once you’re happy with the process, bake for a day at our offices based in Hertfordshire and (after a little conversation, hard work and a day to remember!) you will have the beginnings of your own Recruitment Company. A company that will give you the opportunity to work for yourself, be your own boss & ultimately create an asset for you, your family & your future.  

It really is that simple. No upfront fees, no fixed monthly costs, no catches, and no fuss – SSG have found over the last 13 years that baking is a simple combination of experience, support & most importantly, motivation.

We are SSG, and we love 2 things in life:

1) Budding recruitment entrepreneurs who are fed up of working for someone else, fed up of the endless KPI’s and just want to make that leap from employee to Business Owner. Why don’t they? Maybe they need the help and support of a recruitment incubator who have been launching and supporting recruitment business since 2003?  Maybe they need SSG?

2) The Bake-off (surprised?)

I hope this little blog today not only wets your appetite for the upcoming series but perhaps make you think about whether you are the perfect baker to start baking up your own Recruitment Cake.