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5 Reasons NOT to start your own Recruitment Business

by Max Jones/ Monday 8th January 2018

A list of 5 reasons not to start your own business

Here at SSG, we have the opportunity to talk and to get to know so many top-quality recruiters. and, given the nature of our offering, those conversation are always unique. You could speak to somebody who has been thinking about the idea for 10 years and over the last week that desire has turned to an absolute must and they are now talking to SSG about how best to get them from where they are to where they want to be. But then equally, you could have the opportunity to speak to a motivated recruiter in the very early stages of toying with the idea; committed but cautious of making the leap and of course the conversation is, rightfully, very different.
But what has always been very evident over the years are the indications that someone, in actual fact, does not really want to start their own business. That in fact, despite having conversations with SSG, for some reason that real desire to work for themselves is just not there right now. Something is stopping them. Which, as I am sure you can imagine, is very common and what has become evident over the years is why – why does someone, who has the professional experience behind them, not want to start their own agency.
and for us, it tends to come down to the stories that recruiters tell themselves. The stories that ultimately stop us from achieving what it is we really want to achieve. and here are 5 of those stories.

You’re not Crazy

You’d have to be CRAZY to want to run your own show, to actively want to escape the lunacy of the office environment, that commute, the endless meetings, the lousy basic salary, the hopeless “incentive” schemes and the inevitability that nothing is really ever going to change.

The desire isn’t there

No one actually WANTS to retain more of what they bill. After all, a recruiter can ask for too much… Yes perhaps seeing more of what I physically bill would be great, but what about the security? What if I go months without billing, where’s the security then?

You don’t want the responsibility

Owning 100% of my own recruitment business would be full of fixed costs, upfront fees, targets, geographical restrictions, KPI led reviews and so on. Not to mention the focus is all on ME! If the business fails, I fail. If I fail, the business fails. No?

If it ain’t broke…

Who wants the freedom of working from home, the flexibility, the autonomy, the chance to create the proper work/life balance they want? I have an OK balance at the moment, I have a reasonable about of freedom at work – why would I change?

Unaware of the power of Leverage

I’m a Recruiter, I don’t know how to create a brand, build a website, create business cards, and create logos. Starting my own business would mean I’d have to become a master in areas that I'd focus far too much time on, and ultimately less time on recruiting!
I make placements, I don’t deal with the tax man (HMRC who?!), the VAT man, Credit control, finance, payroll, factoring, invoices, bad debt, insurances!!
The agency I work for at the moment have the job board access I need, why would I leave the safety of job board access and start from scratch again (not to mention the premium price I’d pay for the same access I got working for someone else?!). And don’t even get my started on my Recruitment Software.
and what about if I have technical issues, my computer breaks, my phone stops working, I can’t access my Jobs, what do I do? What about an accountant, a creative lead, a business mentor, a team that has been there done that and sold their very own Recruitment Businesses for millions?

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