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2018: Are you in control?

by Max Jones/ Monday 15th January 2018

2018 Are you in control?

Happy New Year! How’s your New Year working out for you? I know it’s early, it’s January 15th . But I wanted to write this blog this afternoon, while sitting on the 15:39 from Exeter to Paddington, to check in with you.

Statistics have proven over the years that January 15th is the cut off point – statistics show that those of us conscientious enough to make New Years Resolutions would have already broken them come this day. That in fact this day, 15 days into the new year, is the most popular day that people break those resolutions.

How’s that for a nice Monday pump up?

I guess for me, & this highlights it, resolutions have never appealed nor have they ever seemed to work, and while I was sitting at my desk at the back of last year having to think up a resolution to at least prove to myself I was trying, I was overwhelmed with the notion – well, what’s the point?

Most people, including myself, have made resolutions for years and years and have become increasingly reluctant to do so with every year that passes! Why? Well because history has shown us that we’re not going to follow through. So after a while who wants to disappoint themselves, upset themselves, and blatantly highlight to themselves and others around them (if you’ve had the misfortune of sharing your resolutions!), your failures in sticking to a specific goal?

However despite all this, the majority of people (including myself) will spend hours upon hours trying to create some sort of structured resolution to fit perfectly within the new calendar year, but why? What is it about a new year that has made us, for centuries, use it as a time to reflect and try and change our lives? And why is it that every year we seek new changes (or the same ones, depending on how successful you were last year!). I guess the bottom line is we all, deep within our consciousness, strive for happiness, and the secret to happiness is progress. So if we can feel progress then we feel happy, and the calendar is structured in such a way that we allow ourselves to think that a new year means we have this great opportunity, that isn’t apparent at any other time of the year, to grow and to change. Maybe even better than change, to progress.

So instead of looking at resolutions as restrictions, that actively restrict you from doing what you, arguably, love to do, we need to change our associations don’t we? Instead, resolutions should be viewed as actions that not only can be taken at any time during the year, but more importantly aid us in progression rather than restriction, am I making sense?

With that in mind here are a few “progressions” I’ve jotted down you might be able to relate to…

  1. I want to spend even more time with my family. In doing this, I will have the opportunities to grow and build upon the great relationships I already have.
  2. I want to have ultimate control of my finances, so that I can feel great and strong.
  3. To have ultimate control of what I do, to have passion and a clear vision of who I am and what I represent.

Now these three things can be associated with all aspects of your life but let’s say, for want of a better example, you’re currently reading this as a recruitment consultant. You have been for a number of years and you’re not looking to change as such, but maybe you’re looking to progress or to create some “lasting change”? If you have been able to associate with one (if not all) of these “progressions” above, then the only way you’re going to achieve them is by taking control and not wishfully hoping their going to work out (like most people do when they make a resolution). This isn’t a resolution, you’re not creating some Utopian wish list but instead creating a list that you know MUST and WILL be resolved. You know the old saying? “If you want to take the Island, you burn the boats” – so my challenge to you? Burn those boats and take the island!

Whatever this Island might be is very specific to you of course, but let’s hypothesis the island represents a career where those three progressions I spoke about above were realised. How would this make you feel? What would that new island (or career!) look like?
So, I just wanted to check in with you this Monday morning. I hope this has made you look at your current career & assess what’s working & what might not be.

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