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Does recruitment training add value to a recruitment start up?

by LAURA MOULD / Monday, 17th October 2016


Often start-ups find funds in short supply – after all, getting your new business set up and off the ground can be costly and time consuming, via some avenues more than others.  Many new business owners find themselves wearing many different hats at many different times, and don’t have the time or energy to even think about bettering themselves (it’s all about just getting some money in the bank) or about developing their first hire (it’s all about just getting them to get some money in the bank) let alone spending money on training – be that 1-to-1, group workshops, webinars, online training or even access to a resource library.

But, what if I said a small investment in training would result in an increase in productivity and employee retention?  And what if you could utilise training any time, any place?

Why is training valuable?
Our recent survey reveals that 87% of small recruitment businesses feel that the provision of training materials and events add value to the support that SSG provides their business.  Why?  Well, the ability to re-focus on the business, refresh their skills and, for sole recruiters working in their own business, a chance to share innovation and get out of that ‘skills rut’.  Many of the recruiters we work with reported they felt the collaborative nature of many training provisions (such as live training workshops and webinars) is particularly useful – allowing recruiters who are working in their own business to see what works for others and pick up useful hints, tips and ideas that they can apply on a day-to-day basis.

Not just recruitment training
And training isn’t focussed solely on recruitment – with recruitment business owners needing to fulfil multiple roles, learning has never been more important.  Developing their skills on social media, understanding their monthly management accounts, absorbing the concept of digital marketing, and knowing about expenses and income extraction all become elements that fall under the recruiters remit.  All of a sudden, it’s not just about being a good recruiter, but rather having a good all round knowledge of running a recruitment business.

“As someone who has been in recruitment for quite a few years, I'm sometimes a bit skeptical of how much I'll actually gain, but I have found the training to be both informative and useful, particularly with the need to embrace social media.”

The importance of training for new hires
And for those recruitment businesses who are growing and at the point of making their first (and so important) hire, the investment in training can make the difference between success and…..well, let’s just say, not such a big success. 

In the same way a recruitment business owner invests time and money in recruiting the right person to join their business, so should they invest time and money in inducting/onboarding and developing that person.  A key part of this is providing training materials from external sources, rather than relying solely on the recruiter themselves having the time and knowledge to train their new starter adequately.  This is particularly important for those who are new or relatively new to recruitment, and need more guidance from the outset.

It's widely demonstrated that training and development increases employee retention and productivity, as well as improving employee engagement.

How best to train
The key with training, whether for yourself as a recruitment business owner or for your employees is to identify the method and time at which training is most effective.  Do you find watching an hour’s worth of training videos at 6.30am before kicking off your day instils a sense of enthusiasm?  Perhaps a webinar at lunchtime whilst you’re eating your ham sandwich works best for you?  Or maybe listening to a podcast on the way to pick the kids up from school helps you slot training into your time? 

It was clear from our survey that the biggest barrier to accessing training was time.  In fact, 100% of the recruiters we surveyed said that time constraints dictated the amount and type of training they accessed.

For employees, perhaps 1-to-1 training for a couple of days in the office would be most effective, instilling those good habits from day one.  Or perhaps access to an online library of resources that can be accessed around the new hire’s other tasks for the day would be most effective. 

Our verdict
In my opinion then, yes, recruitment training does add value to recruitment start-ups.  And the best news is that it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune – be clear on your needs and access the right experts and training can make a noticeable difference to your recruitment business, whether you have been in business 1, 3, 5, 10 or more years. 

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