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10 Ways to Get Recommended as a Recruiter

by LAURA MOULD / Monday, 22nd August 2016

Thumbs Up

When you’re setting up a recruitment business your success is staked on all the ‘love’ you create - those positive experiences you give each candidate can transform into recommendations. So how can you help generate the love in the first place? This comes from nurturing positive experiences for each and every candidate.  Ten effective ways to achieve this are coming up…

1. Arm candidates with all the information they need 
When you tell a candidate about a new opportunity, make sure you give them the complete lowdown they need on the role, company, salary, benefits and culture. Cover all bases. Don’t leave room for doubts to creep in that might lead to disinterest in the role or you as a recruiter. To show how helpful you are ask the candidate to feel free to contact you if there’s anything they need to know.

2. Let the candidate get a word in
A big turn off for any candidate is a domineering recruiter. How well the candidate suits the role is more important than your willingness to get the role filled. Therefore allow space for them to tell you how they feel about the job. Make them feel valued and that they are the one in the driving seat.

3. Set things straight
Ensure everything you tell them about the role is crystal clear. After all, you don’t want any misunderstandings that might disrupt the recruitment process and damage your reputation.

4: Talk about availability for interview
From the very start find out when the candidate is available for interviews to keep the whole recruitment process running like clockwork.

5: Go through what happens next
Don’t leave the candidate hanging around wondering what’s the next step in the recruitment process. So that’s letting them know how many interviews are expected, what tests are coming up and timescales of when decisions will be made.

6:  Keep them in the loop and stay in touch
To be a trusted efficient working pro in the minds of candidates, keep those communication channels flowing between you both. That means being hot on replying quickly to emails and phone calls.

7: Give interview feedback 
A particular bugbear for candidates is recruiters failing to give any feedback on interviews. Going for interviews is stressful in itself and this isolation can leave them feeling dejected from the recruitment process. Just a friendly call to let them know any good or bad points helps. These pointers also go a long way in helping to improve their chances of performing better next time.  Even just buzzing them to ask how it all went helps to maintain excellent relations.

8: Job sharing
Even if you find that a candidate is not the right fit for a role, or isn’t interested in applying, that’s not the end of the story, in developing great public relations.  Ask them to share details of the job to their friends on social media for a chance to spread your good name.

9: Ask candidates for their feedback
Find out how you delivered your service.  This is helpful for not just getting you to live up to their expectations but also allows you to make any improvements.

10: In a job… But the job’s not done.
The candidate has been placed in a job, but your work’s not over there. This is an ideal time to find out how the candidate is settling in and at the same time keep an ear to the ground of any potential vacancies and experiences of what the client is like to work with.

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