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5 Ways to Win Valuable Clients

by Ash Bennett / Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

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Expert recruiters will know how essential it is to sell yourself effectively in interviews so here are some tips you can apply to your business pitches to win and develop valuable client relationships.

1. Ensure you do your research and know as much as you can about their business.
Before you even think about dialling their number, find out who their key competitors are, recent industry updates, in-vogue trends and the latest movers & shakers. To get a grasp of the company culture, visit their social media channels and read their blogs to attempt to get an inside feel for who they are (or who they are looking to portray themselves!). You could also read their LinkedIn profiles; not just the individual client you’re pitching but other key decision makers as there may be some further common ground.

2. If it’s a first call you’re making, try not to be too bullish.
You will achieve a lot more out of the relationship longer term if you approach them at a more moderate pace, developing the relationship through sharing their blogs for example and subtly making yourself known. This may all seem like a great deal of work, perhaps even laborious - however good clients are extremely valuable, both to your company and your professional career.

3. No B.S.
New clients need to learn to trust you. Quickly. So, when pitching, it’s important to be authentic, natural, credible and confident. You’re the expert so be concise and clear on how your recruitment service can deliver the best candidates. Use examples of your past successes if relevant to their sector.

4. Mirror the client.
For example, some client’s preferred method of communication may be over email rather than on the phone. Some may be easier to get hold of before 8am or after 5pm. Others may be informal and relaxed about the whole process. Whatever their ‘style’, take note and use it to your advantage and heed it well so they don’t feel uncomfortable when you reach out to them.

5. Keep them updated all the time.
There is nothing worse than a recruiter taking a job requisition to then leave the client in the cold wondering what progress is being made and furthermore for them to be doing the chasing! Take control of the process and set the client’s expectations on what will happen with regular reports on what you are doing for them to justify your fees. As the relationship develops, don’t be afraid to approach ‘non-work’ related subjects. Good bonding creates loyalty between the recruiter and the client.