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5 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur in the Making

by Max Jones / Tuesday, 9th May 2017


Bullish, brave and brainy.

Risky, resilient and resourceful.

Passionate, patient and proactive.

Focussed, fulfilled and fixated.

Clear traits of all successful entrepreneurs – yes?

Surely, you need all 12 characteristics to really “make it” as an entrepreneur in today’s market? 

Look - while you might not see all these traits within yourself right now; let’s explore five signs that you are no doubt, an entrepreneur in the making:

1. Proactive: You don’t just “take action”, you act!

How long does it take to make a change? Seriously, how long does it take someone to make a change in their life? A year, 2 years, a week, a minute?! Starting your own business is something that you can think about and think about and think about. Until you just decide to act, you’re not changing – you’re stalling!  

You can agonise over business plans, prior-planning and have all the “pillow talk” you like, but what will make the difference between thinking and doing is you! Having a perfectly crafted business plan, a cash flow forecast as long as your projected pipeline and the “perfect” time to start your own business is a utopia that will never happen. Funnily enough, an entrepreneur knows that.

An entrepreneur knows that sometimes you need to think on your feet. and while you should never unknowingly run into anything without thinking, problem solving, resourcefulness and just acting on your initiative is far more valuable than anything else. 

2. You have “fear” – you embrace it, you know you must love fear! 

Unlike popular stigma, the best entrepreneurs know that it would be just plain wrong to suggest that ever entrepreneur needs to be “fearless”.

If you were truly “fearless”, you would surely be dead! Everyone has fear, it’s what we do with that fear that sets people apart.

“Normal” people let fear paralyse them. Let ambitions, risks and opportunities pass them by because the fear outweighs the potential pleasure. Entrepreneurs know that ambition, risk and opportunity is just untapped potential.

Entrepreneurs know that if you learn to love “the fear”, you’ll sub-consciously separate yourself from those who see fear as a necessarily evil in life and those that use it to win.

3. You’re flexible baby, flexible!

Every entrepreneur needs to set out with a vision. A clear goal of what they want and a massive action plan to get there. But every top-quality business owner knows that that action plan will change throughout the course of this journey; we’d love it to be as simple as ABC, but like the adage suggests “the road to success never did run smooth”, and to be able to chop and change direction is an invaluable skill within all soon-to-be entrepreneurs.

4. Challenge is your juice, and you love juice!

Leaving the haven of employment, the safety net of a company behind you and the security of a salary at the end of the month is a test, it’s a risk, it’s a challenge – why would you do it?

Well, not everyone will and not everyone wants to! Who would want to leave the security of that? Risk it all and take a seat at the table of a game where the longer you survive, the more likely you are to die. For those of you who are feeling anxiety already, entrepreneurship might not be for you – would you be willing to agree?

But for those that feel “juiced”, for those who relish challenge and the idea that something is insurmountable is as far-fetched as enjoying building someone else’s business, business ownership might just be for you…  

What’s your juice of choice?

5. Need a helping hand? How about two?

Barack Obama once said, “You don't succeed in any endeavour unless you've got a team around you, supporting you" and while Obama wasn’t talking about a recruitment business owner at the time, his wise words are very applicable here.

All entrepreneurs tend to be very proud human beings; very self-sufficient and autonomous. But the most successful entrepreneurs have all these fantastic traits but also realise that nothing “great” was ever built by just one person. It’s important to surround yourself with a team of advisors, a team of experts that you can leverage their expertise, their talents and their experiences to help drive you in the direction you want to go.

It sounds so simplistic, but what really separates a successful business owner from a “wannabe-entrepreneur” is the realisation the genuine success needs communication and collaboration at its heart.