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My Only Famous Friend

by / Wednesday, 27th MAY 2015

What do you think a person on a basic salary of over £5,000,000 p.a. does every day?

Yep, I did say £5,000,000 p.a. (which is a monthly basic wage of £417,000 by the way, in case you were reaching for your ‘Casio Schools’ calculator). Now I don’t want to name drop and I don’t want to suggest that I mix in the elevated circles of the Nation’s high achievers but I am very fortunate to know just 1 famously super business Superstar!

This lovely lady might run one of the FTSE 100 mega Companies but she is not only ‘normal’ but she also has some of the same core instincts that all good Recruiters ought to have & very few of us actually do.  When I ask her to divulge the secrets to her success, she is good enough to waffle on about working hard, surrounding herself with experts, always doing the ‘right thing’, never taking the easy route, eating 5 portions of fruit & veg per day and (naturally) going to the gym at least 3 times a week before work…

But, the one habit that she attributes her success to above all others is one of my favourites and a habit which in my own small, less than £417,000 monthly wage type way I also follow:

‘Whatever else you do each day, do 1 small thing to progress’

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, how bad things might be or how snowed under you feel, you ought to end every working day being able to write down a single, tiny, modest, almost insignificant ‘progression’. Even for our superstar Mrs X that might mean something as tiny as an extra sit-up at the gym or cutting back on coffee for the day or (more likely for her) investing £10m in a new project, but come the close of play each day, she will physically get her pen out, open her paper diary and write down what that tiny progression was.

So, what does that mean to the likes of you and me then?

Well, however bad your day is today, you could do any of the following and claim to have achieved the goal:

  • Make one extra Client call and be extra polite, extra well prepared and extra helpful.
  • Write one decent advert for a job board.
  • Call SSG to talk through your business for 10 minutes.
  • Contact the accounts team at SSG to understand better your Monthly Management Accounts.
  • Eat 5 pieces of fruit.
  • Go to the gym

& so on.

I promise you this much – if you follow that advice and record what you did each day, things will get better. It might take a week or a month or even a year but you will be happier, you will be more successful and you might even be on your way to earning £5,000,000 p.a. Got to be worth a try?