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The Launch of Simply Trinity

by Matt Woodhouse / Wednesday 17th May 2017

Simply Trinity

Tell us about your recruitment background?

I kind of fell into it! I had been working with an exhibition company organising car and motorbike shows all around the country which I loved but I knew there wouldn’t be a proper future –we worked hard and played harder and not only was I burning the candle at both ends the middle was being burnt also … ☺  

I saw an ad in a local newspaper (this was the late 90s!!) – ‘Unromantic Turtle Scent’ –did you know that it is an anagram of Recruitment Consultant? This was from Reed – and so my career began. I started as a Temps Controller and moved on to a Permanent desk and then Business Development. I went through their rigorous training, did all their employment exams but as much as I respected Reed’s reputation and corporate image I wanted something more specialist, more personal – more freedom. We had to wear either red or blue with a special Reed tie for the boys and a scarf for the girls – I used to make my Manager laugh with innovative ways of wearing it!

After nearly three years with Reed, I joined a husband and wife team who specialised in recruiting physios, OTs, radiographers, dieticians – I loved it from the moment I saw their cats sat in the in trays when I had my interview! We rapidly grew and the Company was eventually sold. I think since then I have been looking for my niche which brings me to your next question of my motivation for starting my own business – I have worked in engineering, technical, commercial, HR, medical, industrial, transport & logistics and have seen many ways of how Recruitment Companies are run but more importantly how they treat their staff, their clients and their candidates.  Many managers are a slave to targets and policies, because they have to be, which in turn can have a knock-on effect on their team. I was tired of being hit over the head with KPIs, micromanaged and promised a cake if I got more sales calls done. I just wanted to do good old fashioned recruiting and knew that the only way to do that would be to do it for myself….

I couldn’t have done it without SSG!! I knew it would be a successful relationship; a Company that understands the value of recruitment and who supports those in the industry – I didn’t think such a thing existed!!

 What sectors do you cover?

I recruit for the Engineering and Technical arena. My specialism is more about getting right to the core of the Company and finding out the type of person that is required – a candidate is more than just a check list of being able to do essential tasks! Customers can expect honesty and engagement. I try to apply the Platinum Rule – treat others how they want to be treated.  I feel extremely privileged to be part of these recruitment processes where there is mutual trust and respect earned from both sides.  I love what I do, and long term plans for the Company include being an ambassador for an industry that seems to come under heavy criticism; to continue to grow at a pace where the service is never compromised; to recruitment for the Simply Trinity team is probably the toughest yet!!